15 Singles Reveal The Smallest Reason They Dumped A Partner
Omar Lopez

15 Singles Reveal The Smallest Reason They Dumped A Partner

You don’t need a huge reason to end a relationship. If you’re not happy, then you should walk away. Don’t draw out a relationship that isn’t working. To prove how easy it is to leave, here are some of the smallest reasons people ended the relationship:

“His sex face. It was super angry and serious looking I couldn’t help but laugh every time and it would piss him off.” — LeafOnTheWind30

“She was mad at me because she thought I didn’t like her cat. I liked the cat better than her, so I figured it was time to bow out.” — stellarbeing

“I didn’t like a guy’s texting etiquette. He couldn’t spell basic things and used too many !!! And 🤣🤣🤣” — Cockwombles

“She had been to university and I hadn’t, wasn’t really much of a big deal to me. Until one day she had her friends around, and they were talking and I was obviously trying to engage in conversation and make a good first impression. At which point she said, ‘Aw you don’t have to try to talk to us, you can watch TV.’ I can see how it might have been innocent, but fucking hell it felt condescending. I’m not a child, I can be part of an adult conversation without a degree.” — sheppardspiebft

“A few times he said stuff like ‘you’re so smart… for a girl’ and ‘wow for a girl you know a lot about tech.’ I’m not actually that smart, but smart enough to know those little ‘compliments’ are a red flag.” — say-crack-again

“A friend who is obscenely into classical music was dating a violinist and broke up with her because she mispronounced Shostakovich. Musician problems I guess.” — optcynsejo

“She wanted $2 for my share of the pizza we bought after I filled up my car to take us and some friends to the mall. There was about 5 years of bullshit before that….but that $2 was the final straw.” — hotcake911

“I was seeing this guy who would always say, ‘I forgive you’ any time we slightly disagreed on something or I did something little like shut the car door too hard. I got so annoyed of being ‘forgiven’ for things I hadn’t even apologized for. Still irritates me and it’s supposed to be a polite thing. Irksome.” — nurse_s123

“She wore a bell on her wrist. Every time she would move it would jingle. It was like I was sleeping with a housecat.” — Copious-GTea

“She was pissed I wasn’t sharing my year end bonus with her. She obviously snooped in my checkbook at home office.” — supercash4you

“She criticized the way I cut green peppers. I learned from professional chefs, and she just butchered them when I asked her to show me how I was ‘supposed’ to do it.” — DecoyPrisonWallet

“He wore this one brown shirt I absolutely hated like once a week at least. I figured I didn’t really like him that much if I was so focused on one shirt. “ — me-gusta-la-tortuga

“She left the lid off of everything. So I’d go to the cupboard grab a ketchup bottle from the top, ends up all over me and my kitchen. It happened 7 times before I ended it.” — Nevarc_Xela

“A bad tattoo. She had a really big (and bad) tattoo on her lower back. It was clearly from another time in her life. But for some reason I just couldn’t move past it. We’d be having sex and I just couldn’t stop looking at it. To the point that I tried to stay away from doggy style so I didn’t have to see it. Other than that I was really attracted to her. But I can still see that tattoo in my mind and it makes me cringe.” — JohnyUtah_

“He wouldn’t stop saying ‘it is what it is.’ Every time a small inconvenience happened he’d say that. Ugh. Even when I broke it off with him he said ‘it is what it is.’ I wanted to strangle him sometimes.” — floordit