15 Singles Share Their Most Hilarious Dating Fail From Tinder Or Bumble

15 Singles Share Their Most Hilarious Online Dating Fail From Tinder Or Bumble

The single life isn’t always easy. If you think your dating track record is bad, wait until you read these stories from matches gone wrong:

“I was talking to a girl who mentioned that she was into photography and I asked her to send me some pics. She thought I was asking for nudes so she deleted and blocked me.” — [deleted]

“When I connected Spotify to my Bumble profile, unbeknownst to me, 3 of my top 10 artists were the wiggles, hi-5, and Blippi. Pretty sure I missed a few connections because of that!” — kwisssy

“I met with this very attractive woman off Bumble. She was way hotter than me. At some point during the evening, she leans forward on her bar stool, narrows her eyes and goes, ‘I know there was some reason I swiped right on you.’ Because at this point she could not remember 😂” — ThatsASaabStory

“I once tried to sign up for e-harmony (pre-tinder days). I spent a half-hour filling out their questionnaire only to be told that they would not be able to match me with anyone and they basically denied me for membership. That was a major hit to my self-esteem.” — choirdudematt

“I matched a girl who looked really cool and complimented her hair. She responded with something along the lines of, ‘I’m so glad you messaged me, most of these guys just match and never message.’ I’ve seen almost exactly the same line before from bots, so I assumed she was a bot and said something snarky about it. She replied, upset, and then unmatched me.” — D_Thought

“You have no idea how many neglected wives are out there online, and they love to omit the fact that they have husbands. Watch out for the milfs. She’ll break your heart and her husband will break your neck.” — syringelol

“I have a duck and I accidentally wrote dick.” — NeelKnuts

“Chatted with someone a year by phone, once we met we had nothing to talk about and it was the most awkward encounter of my life.” — MattSouth

“Oh man, the first time I contacted someone (it was via The Onion personals, which were really a thing in 2005), I just made fun of a band she said she liked. I wrote something like, ‘My only problem is that you are into (band).’ She replied (as she should have), ‘My only problem is that the only thing you offer is a criticism.’ I still cringe.” — dinnersateight

“Met with a girl at a bar in Philadelphia on a Friday night around 6PM. It was fun and we drank a lot, but I noticed that she was pacing MUCH faster than me. I had around 4 beers in the time it too her to drink 7 martinis ($15 a glass). We are getting along well and she says that she needs to use the restroom. She took her jacket and purse to the restroom. I didn’t think much of it but after an hour of sitting at the bar alone waiting I realized that I got used for a heavy pregame. The bartender kinda realized it. When I asked for the tab he shrugged and was like, ‘Shit happens mate. I took two drinks off your tab.’” — djm2491

“I was talking to this girl and after 48 hours of talking she went insane by sending me screenshots of my friends list which is close to 5 thousand people on that account and she called me crying and accusing me of fucking every single person on my list.” — OG__Stoner

“I tried Tinder for a while. After a month or so I contacted and was talking with this girl and things seemed to be going well. We had similar interests in music and movies, similar sense of humor, etc. Eventually we were talking about hobbies and I casually mentioned I played Magic the gathering. IMMEDIATELY UNLIKED. Like, she had time to receive the message, click the menu, and hit unlike. That fast.” — tontokowalskie

“Actually met a smart tall blond girl on fb. Was smooth as hell and got her to go out with me. She was an hour late to our date….but showed up. Unfortunately I got black out drunk during that hour. “ — CleatusVandamn

“Saw a cute girl with some things we had in common, sent her a few messages, we chatted a bit, things going well, became FB friends, her first post the next day was something like, ‘Well, can’t move back in with my parents, don’t want to be homeless, so guess me and the kids are moving back in with my abusive ex!’ Uhh, what now?” — Mzunguman

“Not sure if it counts as a fail, but meeting up with guys, just to eventually realize I’m lesbian.” — SoupLover1000