15 Story-Based Games Once You’re Finished ‘The Last Of Us’

16 Story-Based Games To Play Once You Finish ‘The Last Of Us’

God of War Ragnarok. My first story based game, and I have to admit I shed a few years on my playthrough. They managed to take a rage filled god killing maniac and create a character with more depth than I thought was possible. Amazing performances from all the actors involved. A must play” — Ihearttreees

Night In The Woods was so beautiful! Made me wish I could go back to the old days and visit my best friends everyday!” — Jane99lane

Ghost of Tsushima! Probably my favorite game of all time in recent years. Compelling and captivating story with gorgeous graphics and art. Even the DLC was fantastic to play.” — xvzh

Life Is Strange will forever have a piece of my heart. I come back to the background scores again and again.” — Jane99lane

“The Uncharted Series (not known for its stellar story specifically, but in my opinion, it nails what it is telling).” — PorvaniaAmussa

Heavy Rain blew my mind first time playing it.” — popsicle425

Red Dead Redemption. Playing it again for the 4th time. It needs a yearly play through (at least) and I always end up finding something new.” — Jrowbeach

Mass Effect. I adore all of the titles. Playing on very easy won’t take any of the enjoyment away. Take your time, explore everything, and talk to every person you can. I can’t wait to explore even more of the galaxy when the next one releases.” — Rimshack

Yakuza has literally the best continuous storyline throughout its games! It’s so wholesome and badass at the same time. Definitely my all time favorite series!” — kissklub

Spiritfarer. Imagine your job is to bring dead souls into their next live and it is the most wholesome game. I’m 28 and I admit that I cried multiple times. At the same time it is not heavy though. Always kinda light hearted.” — yellow-snowslide

Final Fantasy 7. As a kid, this was both the first FF game and RPG I ever played. What a way to start! I still remember my jaw dropping and just sitting there in disbelief at the end of the first disc. The game absolutely drew me in and the music was awesome as well.” — CaptainRockout

What Remains of Edith Finch is a really good and short game. Kinda a walking sim but with how short the game is, about 3 or 4 hours, it doesn’t at all get stale. Would recommend to anybody, flat out.” — Top-Feed6544

Horizon Zero Dawn was awesome. That was the most engaged and the most I’ve cared about the story in a video game in quite a while.” — mejok

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Solid mystery game with a twist ending.” — Spodson

“I was extremely happy with Disco Elysium for a very weird but detailed storyline.” — Eternal_Bagel

SOMA. Spooky horror game but it’s one that really makes you contemplate a lot about your own world. Don’t want to spoil much in case somebody reads this and wants to play. It’s a game that can change your perspective on what it means to be human.” — CarbonatedDepression