15 Subtle Signs You’re Dating Someone With A Good Heart

15 Subtle Signs You’re Dating Someone With A Good Heart

“They make their favors seem like conveniences. (‘It’s no problem dropping you off, I’m going that way anyway.’)” — IAlbatross

“Even when they’re angry or having a bad day, or they got into an argument with you, they text good morning every single day without fail.” — Pengu105

“They call you when they’re going to be late instead of leaving you twisting in the wind.” — Shitty_Fat-tits

“If they don’t get along with someone, they use neutral terms to describe it (‘we just don’t see eye-to-eye,’ or ‘we have some history’) instead of trying to blame the other person exclusively.” — IAlbatross

“They are genuinely happy when good things happen to other people, even when they don’t ‘get’ why it’s a good thing or if it was something they also wanted.” — ZcalifornianusSelkie

“When people go like 10 steps out of their way cause they see trouble coming for someone who isn’t aware. Like you see someone’s phone starting to tip out of their bag so you run and let them know, or chasing someone to get them something or information they missed. It can really reaffirm your faith in humanity, and you can be on the lookout to do it too.” — CallieReA

“They share credit readily and without asking. (‘It was a team effort and Janet in particular really helped me out.’) “ — IAlbatross

“If you catch them secretly doing something generous, that’s usually something only a person with honorable motives will do.” — Tiger5804

“I have a friend who is really good at acknowledging when people speak. So when we’re in a group and people naturally might cut someone off just by nature of the conversation, they do an amazing job at redirecting the conversation to ask what it was you wanted to say to ensure no one gets ignored or feels left out.” — scpclr5tz

“Casually considerate. They open doors for people without thinking; they ask if anyone wants anything if they’re grabbing snacks/lunch/getting off the couch; they don’t play a game of chicken with people trying to merge into traffic and instead just let people over; if someone drops something, they pick it up and give it back; they notice if someone is upset and ask if everything is ok; etc, etc. Has to be consistent behavior and occurs for anyone, not just, say, attractive people.” — Overquoted

“They don’t speak badly about people who aren’t there. They use tact and restraint that I find enviable.” — Tempus_Maximus

“My test for a good person is very simple: they gain no enjoyment from causing pain or harm to other people, and they consider how their actions affect other people.” — may_talk_shit

“Honestly, in my experience, people who are worried that they might be bad are people with good intentions. If they were not a good person, they wouldn’t care if they might be a bad person.” — kyrafm

“I do think it’s telling when someone makes room for others without being asked (eg moves over in the grocery store aisle) because it shows they’re aware of others around them and consider others as equals.” — plantsplantsplaaants

“Smiles at dogs, finger wags at babies, picks up rubbish on a walk.” — Rodharet50399