16 Bedroom Behaviors That Are Total Turn Offs

16 Bedroom Behaviors That Are Total Turn Offs

Everyone likes different things in the bedroom, so make sure you ask your partner what they want and don’t want from you. They always have the final say! But here are some things that people commonly consider complete turn offs in the bedroom:

Playing Music

“Having sex while there’s a song on, and going with the beat. Completely takes me out of the moment. Music during sex is completely fine, but when it becomes a rhythm game and the thrusts are going with the beat is when I start to get turned off.” — Ar3s_Warl0rd

Incorporating Food

“Food with sex. No, no. These two things are incompatible to me. It’s either one or the other. I’m either horny OR hungry, not both.” — Candid_Dragonfly_573

Bad Hygiene

“Dirty hands, I like to be played with but dirty hands and nails are sooo gross and such a turn off. Men, if you’re going to post or send nudes, clean hands please!” — Fulloflove69

Throwing Insults

“Being degraded to any degree, especially early on in a relationship. If I’m in that headspace I will just cry.” — iwillcryatconflict

Playing Pretend

“The theatrical screaming and hollering. I’m good, but I’m not THAT good.” — johns_wild_night

Giving Hickeys

“Love bites/ hickeys can be fun but NOT where other people can see them after the fact. Had an ex who kept giving me ones on my neck even when I EXPLICITLY told them not to mark my neck as I had work the following day. That was awkward…” — GothTheLife88

Using Pet Names

“Being a new dad, being called daddy has made me go flaccid faster than the speed of light.” — The_Dirty_Dryad

Hooking Up In Cars

“Unpopular opinion but combining sex with things like driving or video games. I feel like I’m half hearted in both things to really enjoy either one.” — QuestionOfFate

Sexting In DMs

“Random people suddenly messaging me with either stupid asterisk roleplaying crap or weird wannabe BDSM shit out of the blue (like zero interaction with me beforehand). It’s off-putting and I refuse to believe that it has ever worked on anyone.” — Careless_Hellscape


“Spitting. The thought of a man spitting either in my mouth or on me, disgusts me.” — KekeSmall

Sharing Lovers

“Sharing my partner. It sounds fun in theory but I just can’t have sexual relations with anyone I don’t already have deep emotional feelings for and the thought of sharing them with anyone else makes my gut wrench.” — Narcofeels


“Pinching. I don’t know why, but I just get turned off when my nipples are pinched. It’s not enjoyable, it’s just an uncomfortable pain.” — Missxnsense

Leaving Scratches

“Scratches, they hurt when they are done, they hurt when you end, they hurt when you take a shower, please stop it.” — Blood_Sck

Shower Sex

“Shower sex only works on paper. And even then, it’s just all wet.” — amccune

Feet Play

“Bruh I once had some guy who put his tongue in and out through my toes like he was in an obstacle course or something and I never got turned off so fast.” — bobcatnat123·

Weird Voices

“Baby talk 🤮” — Ok-Tale-2929