16 Beloved TV Couples Who Are Actually Toxic AF

16 Beloved TV Couples Who Are Actually Toxic

“Jim and Pam from The Office. They had their moments but they basically bonded over bullying the office weirdo. Both of them had so many toxic red flags. I also hated when Jim bought his parents’ house without telling Pam. I would be pissed if my significant other did that to me. They even said it would be weird to sleep in the parents’ bedroom and so they’d board it up, and he couldn’t remove the weird clown poster. It was such an awful house and Pam had no say in it. But he gave her an ‘art studio’ in the garage so it’s okay.” — vegg33k

“Carrie and Big. Total shit show. They are supposed to represent ‘real’ relationships not being perfect, but I could never marry a man who continually viewed me as an option.” –ShesSoPeachy78

“Ross and Rachel from Friends. He was terribly insecure and jealous, while half of the time she barely even seemed to like him, much less love him. She knew he loved her more than she loved him and she took advantage of that fact by treating him like crap much of the time. I didn’t see most of those issues back when the show was still on the air, so I used to root for them as a couple. In hindsight though, they were awful together. He was always hopelessly in love with her, but looking back, I don’t understand what traits he liked about her other than her physical appearance. I don’t know what she saw in him at all, other than the fact that he worshipped her.” — Harleye

The Notebook – Allie and Noah. She slapped him, he yelled at her, fought all the time, kissed and made up. Weird that people thought they had a healthy and beautiful relationship.” — simmersince2001

“Robin and Ted from HIMYM, nothing too toxic in general but holy shit, Ted’s obsession with her being ‘the one’ and it continuing subconsciously throughout the entire show, along with Robin being confused about her relationships, it was painful to watch especially combined with the shit they pulled in the ending? Too much.” — badbyemp3

“Jesse and Jane in Breaking Bad. Rewatching the show now. She just treated him like a casual, short-term hookup until she realized he had money. Then all of a sudden she starts making plans for both of them and saying ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ for everything. I love the actress so I think the first time I watched I just kind of overlooked that part.” — Diligent_Ad6759

“Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl. I think the appeal of Chuck in a suit and Blair being a b*tch but also quite entertaining appealed on the character levels. Also the fact that they went through all those trials and tribulations for all the seasons, it sort of felt like ‘well they have to end together right?’ Except no, they don’t. First episode alone, Chuck tried to SA not one but two girls. He ‘sold’ Blair to his uncle Jack. He actively treated her badly, let her and their friends think he was dead so he could shack up in France with some lady and was just an all around icky guy. He even assaulted her and punched a window when she tried to break up with him (4×20). I 100% believe the finale was just the writers trying to do some fan service because everyone hated Dair so much (which I very much did not) and make everything seem peachy keen. It was NOT!” — foreveruncleeeaaan

“Ethel and Fred on I Love Lucy. I get it, the older married couple that hates each other was supposed to be funny back then. But you watch it now and wonder how they even got together in the first place. And apparently, the actors really did dislike each other in real life, so I guess that came through on the show. Same with Frank and Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond. It’s like they really detest each other, so why did they even get married??” — PurpleDreamer28

“Pam and Tommy from the Hulu show. It’s supposed to be based on reality, but the reality is Tommy Lee went to prison for beating Pam Anderson—WHILE SHE WAS HOLDING THEIR INFANT SON. The show really romanticizes their relationship, and considering how it ended it’s pretty twisted.” — I_Heart_Squids

“Literally all of Rory’s relationships in Gilmore Girls. I’m pretty sure she cheats in every single one of her relationships and also had an affair with a married guy. They kinda glamorize and glorify cheating in that show and it really turned me off from it.” — SameStrawberry0

“Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. Seriously, they are awful and their relationship is a toxic mess. I didn’t make it 100 pages into that book without gagging.” — Revolutionary-Yak-47

“Mitchell and Cam from Modern Family, every time I watched them interact I was in shock. Lies over lies, manipulation, using the daughter as a pawn. The show makes it as if they ‘learn’ and forgive each other at the end of each episode, but who can live like this?” — whyareyouaskingme_

“Ezra and Aria on Pretty Little Liars. Ezra was literally her teacher.” — Bikinigirlout

“Donald and Daisy Duck. Daisy is toxic AF by always expecting Donald to have money and shit, and then goes out with his cousin instead if she’s mad at him. Donald tries everything he can but also sometimes goes after other women. When I read these as a kid I was always confused why they acted so weird every other story.” — Gravitywolff

“Princess Caroline and Vincent Adultman. Vincent was far too involved with his job at the business factory, and he withheld information about his prior relationship and son. Red flags all over the place!” — Thesafflower

“Bella and Edward. There are many articles on the subject. It’s not healthy for your boyfriend to break into your house and watch you sleep!” — mother_of_angelpuffs