16 Couples Reveal The Thing They Used To Find Cute About Their Person But Now Cannot Stand

16 Couples Reveal What They Used To Find Cute About Their Person (But Now Cannot Stand)

Some things change over time. Like how cute you find your partner’s quirks. Here are a few couples who think a little differently about their partner now than they did when they first started dating:

“Her indecisiveness. It was adorable to see her struggle when we were dating but goddammit I’m just trying to figure out what to make for dinner.” — rawbface

“His spontaneity. It used to be really fun and sexy… but now it’s like living with a real life Homer Simpson/Phil Dunphy hybrid.” — totallyoriginalname2

“Her hair. She has such long, beautiful hair but it gets everywhere. Drains. Sinks. Carpets. I’ve had to sit and cut hairs out of the vacuum so it would work again because it had tied up the rolly bit. Not to mention I’ve had her hair on me and all through my clothing.” — Captain23222

“He takes forever to eat a meal. It was very well-suited to long dates, romantic dinners, those intense getting-to-know-you conversations at the beginning. 15 years later and I just want to have a meal where I’m not done before he’s barely taken a bite!” — CreampuffOfLove

“Everyone likes her. She’s a very likable person, but my friends and family like her more than me. Just gets to me sometimes when she tells me something about a friend or family member that I should have heard from them.” — pixel_zealot

“My husband hates social interaction (even relaying information to and from friends sometimes) and will avoid it at all cost. At first it was cute, he would beg me to make the calls to order food or find out information. Now I find it very inconvenient – especially when I’m not in the mood to talk to people either.” — slothin_around

“Talk in a baby voice, shit was cute at the beginning, but when you’re asking me if you can have my last beer in the fridge in a tiny baby voice, fuck no, now I need it.” — sixesand7s

“The sarcasm. It would be nice to bring up a topic and not get a zinger in response. ‘What do you want from the grocery store?’ ‘Five pounds of filet mignon, some motor oil, and, oh, a million dollars.’ No, duckface, its 100 degrees out and the kids need food. I’d much rather sit next to you on the couch. WHAT DO YOU FUCKING WANT!” — MissPlaceDApostrophe

“Clumsily break things accidentally. It’d be a teaspoon one day or a shoelace the next. Little insignificant, ‘how-on-earth-did-you-manage-to-break-that?’ type of things. Started out quite cute and amusing. Now it’s a case of ‘Babe, that’s like the fourth vacuum cleaner this year, and it’s a fucking Dyson.’” — TheGrog1603

“His happiness in the mornings. It used to make me feel a bit more cheery as we both were up at the asscrack of dawn and he’d just be happy to start his day while I wasn’t too happy. I’m not a morning person. Now, instead of making me more cheery in the mornings I just feel irritated, which is completely dumb, because he’s just being his normal happy self, but fuck, dude, quit being so damn pleasant so early in the damn morning it’s pissing me off.” — fuzzyoctopus97

“My husband always tries to make me laugh. I honestly hope he never stops trying, but there are times when it’s like, ‘Really?? You’re trying to make me laugh NOW?!'” — chlnaturester

“He can not tell a story. Rambling, unnecessary details, and the listener is three steps ahead the entire time, just waiting for it to slowly unspool.” — cinnapear

“She talks CONSTANTLY. I’m a guy who can appreciate a good silence but she hates it. She has to fill every silence by talking or humming or singing or playing music or putting on a TV show. Most of the time she isn’t talking to me, really. Example; as I type this she is playing Fallout and just kinda narrating her experience. It’s still pretty cute and charming at times, tbh, but when we first started dating I found it far more adorable. This issue is that since she’s constantly making noises with her mouth, I have grown accustomed to just tuning her out or doing other stuff or leaving the room mid-sentence because, once again, she USUALLY ISN’T REALLY TALKING TO ME. Unfortunately, sometimes she IS talking to me and then I look like the dickhead for not listening. But I think if I listened in-depth to every tiny thing that came out of her mouth to verify she was or was not speaking to me I would lose my mind.”  — IrisIncarnate

“Her having to sing everything like it’s a perfected choral piece.” — jonnyboy98

“My husband’s laidback attitude. I truly appreciate that he doesn’t stress about much. At times though I wish he was more timely. We’re going on a road trip? Maybe we should book a hotel in advance, not 20 minutes before getting there. I’ve learned to take the lead on planning, but it would be a nice ‘break’ for me mentally if I didn’t also have to do it.” — jenmoe

“He falls asleep INSTANTLY. He works long hours and is always tired, which I get. But he falls asleep literally while eating or in the middle of a sentence. Was really cute. And I still can’t actually be mad at him because I know it’s because he’s working so hard. But when we only get late evenings to talk over a quick dinner and I’m constantly having to wake him up every 5 minutes… gets less and less cute.” — Whitehexe

“Her bossiness. She came from a really hard upbringing and I was floored by how she was taking charge and refusing to fall into the same trap as her family. Actually I still am floored. Even when I’m annoyed at being bossed around I’m proud. She’s amazing.” — SerielAwooer