Epic First Date Ideas
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16 Date Ideas That Will Make Them Fall Hard For You

“If you are dating long distance, call on the phone and both of you get the same movie queued up, start it at the same time and watch it together over the phone. You don’t even have to get dressed up.” — [deleted]

“Paint your own pottery place date, intimate enough for a date, public and casual enough for safety.” — sarraine98

“Go to an unusual sporting event as your home team’s biggest fans. We’ve been to bocce tournaments, college Quidditch, and vintage baseball games, all were free to attend and I brought picnics. The team seemed to really enjoy having a cheering section. My date and I now have a standing date for our team’s home games.” — [deleted]

“Indoor rock climbing. Physical, hot, sweaty and fun.” — sirgog

“I took one girl on a date that started out as a walk in a park with hot chocolate. Then when it got darker out, we had a fire and made s’mores. It was romantic as all heck.” — Mythandar

“Mini golf and go karts. If you’re not good at it, nor is your date, it opens up opportunity for laughter and bonding. Plus if they don’t enjoy that, they’re most likely not to enjoy you.” — [deleted]

“If your city has a zoo that’s a great place. We have a free one here in Chicago, so it’s also cheap. Walking around gives you time to get to know each other better and the atmosphere is usually very lighthearted there because of all the kids and families enjoying themselves.” — -eDgAR-

“There’s a reason ‘walks along the beach’ was a dating meme before the term meme was popularized. Add a dog to the equation for even better results.” — [deleted]

“If it’s an internet date, do coffee so you are in a safe space and aren’t committing to too much if you don’t have chemistry” — CoCoMcDuck

“Putt putt golf is good – fun, something to compete about, a good length of time for a first date too. If the date goes well you can get ice cream after, loser buys.” — VoidDrinker

“Check out museums/art/science exhibits and the like because many will have a free day around the first of the month. Depending on the type of person you ask out it can be an incredibly fun afternoon on the cheap.” — catjpg

“Visit one of those trampoline parks.” — viktor72

“So, on”Oe of my favourite dates was when he took me to the humane society to pet kitties and puppies. Almost backfired when I wanted to adopt a cat (but I didn’t! I’m over cat capacity as it is) but it was a blast. Not so much pressure because you can focus on the animals in between talking, and you get warm fuzzies. “ — [deleted]

“Walk out in the park. Breathe in the fresh air, take a look at nature, maybe pick a flower for them.” — [deleted]

“Minor league baseball game. No one’s terribly invested in the game so you can talk the whole time, but if there’s an awkward lull in the conversation you have something to watch without bringing notice to the silence.” — Jakl42

“Go into goodwill or another similar store and each have $20 to spend on an outfit that you have to wear for the rest of the evening.” — cRuMbLE_420