16 Guys Admit How A Girl Friend Accidentally Got Them Hot And Bothered

16 Guys Admit Why They Accidentally Started Crushing On Their Girl Friend

Sometimes, the perfect person for you is right under your nose. Just ask these guys who reveal what their close friend did to turn them on (accidentally):  

“Tackled me. Not in a playful way either, she was trying her best to take me down (and generally succeeded). We were always just friends but in those moments after we’d hit the ground, I sometimes felt a little different about it.” — Buhpuh

“Tied her hair up while we were playing Mario Kart.” — Xavious666

“Put her hand on top of my head and scratched twice as she walked by my chair, sent tingles down my back. Didn’t know I like head scratches.” — DunjonsAndDergons

“She did that thing that girls do where they tilt their head. She was just listening to me talk about MRSA (we’re nursing students), and she was kind of smiling, listening to me go into depth about the illness for a test review, and she ever so slightly tilted her head and kept her very pretty eyes directly on mine. That mixed with the slight smile got my stomach in knots and I just started stuttering like a fool.” — bayala43

“We both tried grabbing the same cup and looked at each other. Been together for a while now.” — caughtbydeercam

“Was at a small party at her house, was in the kitchen by myself making a drink when she rushed in, told a stupid joke and immediately began cracking up with this big stupid grin on her face. Skipped right past horny straight to love.” — Titan-Chan

“We play-fought and she took the pretty seriously, it was like WWE and our bodies were way too close, I felt her chest on my back, she even bit my arm.” — Imnotactme

“Lightly ran her new nails across my head and back for a week. From that point on, I vowed to buy new nails for my future girlfriends whenever they wanted.” — Thaleon

“Literally asked me to pick her outfits for the weekend and modeled all morning in different outfits while telling me to pick some out. Didn’t leave the room to change.” — KURO-K1SH1

“I was invited to a new coworker’s birthday party. She was pretty buzzed by the time I arrived and ended up introducing me to all her friends as her hot boss.” — Astro_Afro1886

“Me and my female best friend got on the topic of massages, she jokingly said I should rub her feet, I said sure and gave her a massage, she then asked me to do her calves, hands and arms and she gave me a hand massage. What turned me on was seeing her enjoy the massage.” — yeeters-apprentice

“One time at a party she was a bit tipsy and started to stroke my neck.” — drax3012

“Helping me put on a tie because I didn’t know how.” — WWWWWWVWWWWWWWVWWWWW

“Casually walking down the street. She then grabs my arm just like a couple would do. It’s in that time you need to focus.” — Soviet_seismologist

“A girl I became friends with on a school trip in high school fell asleep on my shoulders on the ride back. I’m still coasting on that memory.” — [deleted]

“Was watching a horror movie with my best friend, something happened and she screamed, jumped into my lap, and wrapped her arm around my neck.” — Condoricia