16 Guys Reveal What Girls Shouldn’t Be Insecure About On Dates
Jep Gambardella

16 Guys Reveal What Girls Shouldn’t Be Insecure About On Dates

Making a good first impression is important – but you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. According to some real men, here are a few things you shouldn’t be insecure about when you’re on a date:

“If they wear the same outfit again. We won’t notice. And even if we do, if it’s a good outfit, we’ll like it again!” — Sphvere

“Snorting when they laugh really hard. I think it’s cute.” — AleksandrNevsky

“Having one breast be bigger/hang lower. It’s completely natural, along with inverted nipples and large areolas.” — Sir_MoonDoggy

“Wearing literally any bathing suit they want to at the beach. We don’t judge you, ladies. Just do your thing, be comfortable, and have fun!” — OnlyPositiveVibes_

“Eating in front of a guy. I like a girl who can devour a burger in front of me.” — Swaggerboy033

“Going out without makeup.” — Human000151

“Farting and/or pooping. Also, menstruation. They’re all perfectly natural biological processes, and are essential parts of being/feeling healthy. I’ve heard of people that are so embarrassed about gas and poop that they hold it in and suffer physically and experience insane amounts of stress about it. It’s totally not healthy to suppress those functions.” — FruitLoopMilk0

“Acne, everyone gets it at some point to some degree, who cares!” — GmanBlue19

“Singing. It makes no difference if they aren’t terrific singers. I adore it when folks are so delighted that they can sing!” — Zealousideal_Type624

“Stretch marks.” — cpanther21

“Eyebrows. A more ‘natural’ brow is way sexier than some of the alternatives lurking about.” — stereonmymind

“It’s quite acceptable not to be the smartest person in the room. Admitting you don’t know/understand something isn’t a sign of weakness. You come across as an arrogant jerk if you bluster your way through.” — vanessamjefferson

“Being muscular or having a not-so-flat stomach. Extra curves are always welcome.” — matt_sheiman

“Being tall.” — Nuclear_F0x

“Hair. It always looks good.” — NukaBro762

“Really any flaw. You notice it more than anyone and everyone has a flaw, just accept them.” — Jimmytowne