16 Hilarious Tweets About ‘Our Flag Means Death’

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16 Hilarious Thoughts On ‘Our Flag Means Death’

If you haven’t watched Our Flag Means Death yet, then you need to watch the first season immediately. It follows a privileged aristocrat who abandons his wife and children to become a pirate in the 18th century. If you’re all caught up, here are some of the most hilarious tweets about the best show on HBO right now:

Representation Matters

The Improv Acting Is Genius

Be Gay, Do Crimes

The Most Breathtaking Fanart

Couple Of The Year

You Lucky Ducks

Stars Are Everywhere

The Way It Should Be


Renew It Already

It’s Not That Complicated

More Queer Characters Please

Season Two Ideas

Too Bad, So Sad

Time For A Rewatch