16 Mainstream Movies And TV Shows That Are Extremely Sexual

16 Mainstream Movies And TV Shows With A Million Love Scenes

Some movies have a surprising amount of sex scenes and other adult content. It can be awkward to watch them in theaters while sitting beside your parents, best friends, or even partners. As a head’s up, here are some mainstream movies and shows that are borderline porn:

Blue Is The Warmest Color

“Blue is the Warmest Color. Beautiful film, but it gets a little dicey sometimes.” — j-orant

Basic Instinct

“Basic Instinct.  I’ll never forget was the first rated R movie I saw in a movie theater. My buddy lived across the highway from the theater and we were only 13. We figured let’s just try it.. and had no idea it was basically porn but the young girl at the ticket window didn’t bat an eye. Holy shit what a wild ride that was.” — uknow_es_me

Shakespeare In Love

“I have a very vivid memory of my English teacher putting on Shakespeare in Love for us and having to cover up the projector with a box on a stick for certain scenes. She told us they were playing cards.” — leronde


“Showgirls is pretty much an old school skin flick.” — ChipsNoSalad


“A while back, a friend asked me for suggestions for movies, and I jokingly suggested Nymphomaniac. About twenty minutes in, he messages me back ‘Bro, am I going to get put on a list for this?'” — farkedaccount

The Brown Bunny

“The Brown Bunny, remember when Vincent Gallo was a big cult filmmaker in the 1990s, it was a road movie about a man travelling to get a blowjob from his girlfriend, played by Chloe Sevigny, his girlfriend IN REAL LIFE. The blowjob was REAL, not simulated. That’s it.” — PerceptionOk4847

Below Her Mouth

“This movie was playing in the movie theater by us when it came out and a large group of us all went to see it together. It was for our friends birthday and she really wanted to see it. Safe to say none of us knew what we were in for. And that’s the time I watched porn with all of my friends and the one guy sitting in the front row all by himself. (I should have known what we were getting into when we ran into a friend before the movie and he asked what we were going to see and he looked at us all in shock and said ‘good luck ladies’.)” — mynameishard2say


“The series on Netflix. If you fast forward through the sex, there’s about 3 minutes of plot.” — Appropriate-Access88

Wild Things

“As a teenager, I remember thinking this movie was amazing. Then watching it a decade later and realized the plot is straight garbage and the twists make no sense. Teenage hormones are blinding.” — Lethal_Apples

The Handmaiden

“The Handmaiden (2016). This was the one time my wife came into the living room to ask what I was actually watching.” — fayalicecat

True Blood

“Not a movie but True Blood. I tried to rewatch the series recently and there was just entirely too many graphic sex scenes to make any headway while the fam was about.” — PaleHorseBlackDog ·


“Especially that one episode. You know the one. ‘Oh a sex scene. Okay, they’re really going at it. Now they’re doing it in a library. Damn, they’re still going. Now they’re doing it in the rain. Wow, this is like the 5th scene in a row. Now they’re having angry sex.'” — glowdirt


“I was very shocked at how much sex was in the first Deadpool movie. And there were SO MANY KIDS in the theatre. It was so fucking uncomfortable lmao.” — spiritedawayfox


“Great action movie… Then all of a sudden, Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek have a million candles lit and someone is using a spur on someone…” — Verdant_Paladin

Orange is the New Black

“Orange is the New Black. Literally every two seconds. Feels like I’m watching a massive roleplay.” — JoyfulCelebration


“Euphoria is like a hypersexualized version of the UK version of Skins.” — MargarineAndLube