16 Secret Signs Of Insecurity
Ben Weber

16 Secret Signs Of Insecurity

Insecurity can cause you to do some wild things. Here are secret signs someone is insecure:

“Constantly posting everything you do and every decision you make on social media. You’re just looking for validation. Which is fine but it becomes unhealthy when you don’t realize that you’re receiving serotonin from that validation, and then you NEED to post all the time to keep getting that feeling when people ‘agree’ with your decisions. So many people cannot make decisions privately for themselves anymore without the input of 20 people they went to high school with 20 years ago.” — Prestigious_Pear9528

“Always looking in the mirror. Or at least for me, I always want to look good and I don’t really have the self-esteem I wish I had. I keep looking in the mirror so my makeup isn’t ruined and I look as good as I went outside. I wish I could feel good about myself, although, probably lots of girls like me look in the mirrors, car windows, and basically anything they can see themselves on, but they just can’t feel good about themselves and I wish them their best.” — yonita666

“Defining oneself through what you own, do, or who you know and where you’ve been whether it’s a fancy resort or school. Life moves quickly, being overly attached to such things shows a fear of individuation.” — SupernovaStarLove

“They have to turn every conversation back onto themselves, somehow. They can’t let other people be the focus ever. They need constant praise, and manipulate the conversation to get it.” — SecretBiscuitRecipe

“When you achieve something or improve your life in any way, and their first instinct is to tease or make fun of you, it actually screams instant jealousy.” — green_eyesgirl

“Always having to have the last word. It’s so annoying when someone can’t let a point go but has to feel that they’ve ‘won’ by throwing out tangentially related points: ‘Oh yeah, but what about . . .,’ ‘I bet you never thought about . . .,’ etc. Just admit that the other person has a point and move on.” — Unlikeadragon

“Taking minuscule things super seriously. The most confident people I know don’t give a damn.” — Mental-Violence

“Never apologizing. Some people will twist the story, change the way it happened and retell it so convincingly that they’ll believe their own nonsense but will never apologize.” — misato_mylf

“When people are caught lying they instantly turn the tables on you, calling you names, getting rude and mean, coming up with all sorts of stories trying to manipulate you, etc.” — llcucf80

“When people talk in a very good way about themselves while they talk badly about others. It seems like they can only accept themselves by degrading others and appreciate themselves for the wrong reasons. Or people who lie about their achievements. It’s like they think others wouldn’t like them if they didn’t achieve what they lied about.” — Chasminder

“Always having something negative to say when something good happens to someone else. For example ‘oh you’re going to hate that new job’ or ‘they should have done x instead.’ Just be happy that someone else is happy!!” — sexy_maier

“Any displays of aggression. Because aggression at its core stems from fear and insecurity. Fear that, unless you act drastically, you are going lose something. Sometimes that fear is rational, sometimes not. But either way, it’s a show that you are vulnerable. Truly secure people are almost never aggressive. Because nothing threatens them.” — Ignoth

I’m brutally honest is code for insulting you makes me feel better about myself, and I am 100% unable to take what I dish.” — lilymunsterisaqueen

“Mocking other people’s insecurity. It’s usually projection.” — MaymeFerrell

“Calling themselves ‘alpha’ or ‘sigma’ males. If there even is such a thing as an alpha male, he would just be alpha without having to announce how alpha he thinks he is.” — TheBassMeister

“Pretending something doesn’t matter just because they don’t understand it. Like when someone doesn’t understand something and it makes them feel dumb, so they put it down or the group of people that do like it.” — Yogabeauty31