16 Shows That Will Hook You After A Single Episode

16 Shows That Will Hook You With A Single Episode

It’s not always easy to find something new to watch. If you’re searching for your next favorite show, here are some series that will hook you with one episode:

“The Boys. First scene was them showing off the heroes, and the second was the true plot. Definitely had me hooked.” — ArchdemonLucifer143

“What We Do In The Shadows. I fucking love the movie, but I love how the show has expanded upon that. Plus, Energy Vampires are the most genius thing and holy shit are they real!” — Civil-Big-754

“True Detective. That is the real reason Matthew McConaughey won the Oscar that year. It was TV, but everyone took him fucking serious as an actor after that. Until then he’d been in mostly rom-coms, and while they were good, he was basically playing the same character over and over. I never imagined he had the kind of chops he showed in True Detective.” — pinewind108

“Orphan Black’s first episode is really one of the best pilots ever. Just five minutes (or less, if you’ve seen the train scene you know what I’m talking about) and I’m already hooked.” — drinkdrinks2

Mr. Robot. Rami Malek was so convincing as his character that I was legit surprised at how completely opposite his real personality is when I first saw him in an interview. I know, I know, it’s called acting… but he really did an amazing job. I need to watch that show again.” — Tulivesi

“LOST. Honestly, I was hooked within the first 10 seconds and the grip didn’t let go until the very final moments of the series finale. Easily the most painful experience waiting for every episode of that show week by week and even worse, between seasons. Being able to binge it now is a very different experience, but the absolute hold it had on me and other people I know, was INSANE. I don’t think anything like that will ever happen again.” — BluRayja

The Good Place. If you know nothing about it, that’s perfect. Just watch the first episode and you’ll see for yourself whether it’s for you. It’s more fun not knowing anything about it.” — Funandgeeky

Over the Garden Wall is one of a handful of shows that gets an annual rewatch from me, it’s so fucking good” — Cyno01

“Fringe. A really good but now forgotten show.” — Brno_Mrmi

Band of Brothers is one of those rare shows that start amazing and they remain amazing during the entire show.” — yes_u_suckk

“Peep Show. The both of them could just sit on the couch and talk about the most inane things like making a salad and it’s somehow so hilarious.” — Fishwhocantswim

“I think Arrested Development has the most realized pilot of any comedy I’ve ever seen.” — DrSweers

“Invincible. The end of the first episode is insane.” — who-the_hell-cares

Pushing Daisies. Still angry it got canceled.” — jonesy2344

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was watching with my wife and at the first commercial break, we called my younger sister to make sure she was watching as well. We got a busy signal (remember, this was 1997). Tried her again at the second commercial break and found out she had been calling us at the same time with the same question so we both got busy signals (1997 FTW!). When she got the busy signal, she called our older sister to check if she was watching. It became a tradition for the first two seasons for us all to call each other during the commercials to talk about the show.” — DaddyOhMy

“Severance had me hooked from FRAME ONE.” — NOOBINATOR_64

“Twin Peaks. Such a weird show. I love it.” — Tlizerz