16 Signs You’re Incompatible
Ron Lach

16 Signs You’re Incompatible Romantically

“Not respecting each other’s hobbies. You don’t have to like them, but you have to be able to respect that your partner likes them. If your SO is constantly shitting on and complaining about how you like to spend your free time, suddenly your time to relax and reset is also stressful.” — suzukirider709

“The classic, one wants kids and the other one hates kids. You can’t get past this incompatibility.” — Queen-of-meme

“Honestly? Sex drive/ability to openly and comfortably discuss sex. If you have a wicked high sex drive and your partner doesn’t, then that’s something you have to discuss. While it doesn’t have to necessarily be a deal breaker, sex is still a really important thing to be on the same page about. Especially if one or both of you is asexual. Or if one or both of you is into kink.” — disgruntledhoneybee

“Your partner trying to change you to fit into their mold. Telling you how they want you to keep your hair, what they want you to wear, etc.” — 1-800-mayonnaise

“If someone does not understand your sense of humor, you’re never going to have a good time. One thing I can say about my ex is that she understood my sarcasm better than anyone. Making the person you love laugh is incredibly special, so if they’re not laughing, then run!” — expletiveinyourmilk

“You’re scared to voice how you actually feel because you don’t trust the way the other person will respond.” — bitchin-apricots

“Selfishness – relationships require a bit of give and take, if a person is only ever concerned about their own happiness/feelings it could lead to major problems and heartache down the line. You’ve got to be sensitive to your partner’s feelings/likes/dislikes.” — rgatoNacho

“The inability for one party to take responsibility or genuinely apologize for even minor things.” — Indyca83

“When you are always the one to reach out to them, and they don’t reach out to you in return.” — butter00pecan

“Discomfort when out in public with the other person.” — Hot_Twat_6782

“When they want an open relationship and you don’t.” — [deleted]

“Communication is a huge factor, but communication doesn’t work if you’re not speaking the same language. If you’re not on the same page and not able to get through to each other, it’s not going to work.” — Extrasherman

“Opposites in politics, religion, morals and other major beliefs.” — LeaguePillowFighter

“If you cringe at certain things they do/say. They don’t have to be outright bad things, but they’re just things that you don’t particularly agree with or like. And I don’t mean one or two things, I mean multiple.” — [deleted]

“When you feel uncomfortable awaiting their response to something. If you tell them you like a book, game, or movie and you become super anxious because you are afraid of their response, you should get out. This applies to pretty much anything you tell them that they would respond to.” — MrBigRig_29

“Literally any issue, no matter how small it may seem, that you can’t approach a compromise on. It sets the stage for a bigger non-compromisable issue later that you won’t be able to work through in a healthy way either.” — famishedhippo27