16 Singles Share The Brutally Honest Reason They Won’t Use Dating Apps
Lokman Sevim

16 Singles Share The Brutally Honest Reasons Why They’ve Deleted Dating Apps

“Because being single is not a bad thing and I feel no need to invest time and energy to change my relationship status.” — sunsetgal24

“It’s too shallow. And since there are so many people on there, you can, and get easily replaced. I’d rather meet someone in real life and build whatever relationship comes out of that experience instead of just looking at some pictures.” — picknicksje85

“I find the idea of putting my name, face, achievements, likes and hobbies up on the internet, for the express purpose of trying to be judged as worthy by thousands of strangers, to be completely repulsive. I can barely tolerate having a LinkedIn account. Dating apps are out of the question.” — Hansar003

“Never got any matches. Done more harm to me than good.” — Maarc1997

“Too lazy and I feel like it’s kind of weird. Like trying to sell myself. Everyone I’ve ever dated is someone that I knew in real life.” — leosnose

“I don’t really see dating as a priority.” — handsoftime18

“I always delete the app disappointed and with a bit less self esteem. I’m not putting myself through it again.” — cravenmoorehead693

“I look better in person, so I don’t like taking pics. And I don’t like constant texting or messaging with somebody I don’t know. I’d rather talk.” — eboniya

“Met my ex there, he then went ahead and used the same app to cheat on me. I now have this fear that so many people on there are in relationships. I’ve also seen people that I know in real life on there who I know for a fact are in relationships. It just really has warped my views on commitment and love and if it’s actually possible to find someone genuine so I won’t be going back.” — toosoftforallofit

“The apps are fine, it’s just that people’s interests become very shallow when they’re presented with hundreds of shiny objects to look at, and they have not one iota of care for the humans on the other side. It’s really damaged my view of dating, to the point where I’m going to be extra-careful even of in-real-life sparks, and am preparing to be single the rest of my life.” — OneWhole1588

“Because I have issues keeping en electronic conversation going, I get no satisfaction from it.” — Competitive-Use1479

“I already have enough problems preserving friendships and family relationships, because of my disinterest to humans and that they are too draining for me. Using a dating app, maintaining it and having to meet new people would be the hell for me.” — ES-Flinter

“Dating apps seem like they’re more for people looking for casual sex than meeting people they want to spend time with.” — Sad-Relationship4620

“Because they never work. Either the jokes don’t land, I come across as not interested or I come across as too interested.” — BigFloof-420-69

“I just really need a foundation of friendship first, I’m super uncomfortable with jumping straight into dating. “ — ryleypeeyurgee

“I’m newly single, and I’m trying to heal myself first before moving on to apps and dating in general. Just trying to figure things out.” — Charming-Writer-6586