16 Singles Share The One Quality They Must Have In A Significant Other, No Exceptions

16 Singles Share The One Quality They Must Have In A Partner, No Exceptions

Everyone has different standards and expectations when it comes to relationships. But here are some pretty common qualities that singles are looking for in their forever person:

“For me it’s empathy. If I’m visibly upset and you sit there like a brick wall, things won’t last very long.” — saminthetardis

“The ability to convey feelings and resentments maturely. Things don’t always have to go perfectly, but when they don’t I want someone who’s willing to work with me to figure it out.” — ubercainwa

“Able to roll with the punches. If something comes our way we should be able to plan/face it head on and move from there. Running away or blaming doesn’t solve anything.” — brooklynbodegas

“They’ve gotta be able to entertain themselves sometimes. I’ve dated people who constantly had to be interacting even if we were watching a film or chilling, but I need quiet moments and sometimes want to get absorbed in a book, game, or whatever.” — [deleted]

“A sense of humor. Doesn’t exactly need to be the funniest person, but if I throw sarcasm at him or joke around and he takes it seriously every time, yeah don’t know how I’d deal with that.” — cherim0ya

“Maturity. I’ve dealt with enough partners who still act like 16 year olds. It gets very tiring very fast trying to put up with their games and lack of empathy.” — redgroupclan

“Silliness. I get downright weird sometimes and if my SO can’t get weird, too, and prefers to sit back and judge me, it’s likely not going to work.” — [deleted]

“The same attitude towards money that you have. If you’re one of the YOLO types and your S.O. is all ‘plan our retirement the day we start jobs,’ it isn’t going to work out. Nor the other way. And if you’re a moderate, you need to find a moderate, too. You’d think a balance is good, with varying perspectives and all. Nope. Nothing freaks you out more than your spouse blowing the budget on something inconsequential, or refusing to let you get that new car (depending on which camp you fall in).” — connectmc

“Respect. Relationships start with love but they last with respect.” — WaffleFoxes

“It’s sometime seen as shallow to want this, but sexual compatibility and attraction are necessary for healthy relationships.” — PM_ME_SUMDICK

“Kindness. Towards everyone. I could never love someone who was malicious or hurtful on purpose, no matter the reason.” — MickeyBear

“Good judgement. People with bad judgement make horrible decisions in life that can drag you and everyone around you into the same shit.” — thecitizenredux

“Must love animals. My pets and I are a package deal. Animals are a big part of my life so having a SO who appreciates, understands, and relates is important.” — Gaia227

“Ability to carry on a conversation. They make an effort and say more than just yeah or wow to remarks that you might make.” — kat_lemon

“MUST have Trust. I should be able to trust you, and hopefully you would trust me.” — Hellguin

“I need an open-minded person who always wants to improve. I don’t care if they have some flaws but they should strive to become a better person. Everything else can be worked on I believe.” — Ashtarr