16 Surprisingly Empowering Things Every Woman Should Experience At Least Once

16 Surprisingly Empowering Things Every Woman Should Experience At Least Once

Don’t let your life pass you by. Here are some experiences every woman should try at least once:

“If you find yourself single after a long relationship as an adult, don’t rush into another one. I think every woman should experience being alone and single as an adult. You really learn a lot about yourself, bond with your friends, and can focus on things just for you!” — pumpkin_pasties

“Every woman should experience taking herself on a date. To the movies, out to eat, to a park! Just try to be careful and safe and always let someone know where you’re going!” — apeachytree

“A real orgasm. Can’t believe how many of my friends confessed they’ve never had one!” — KikiScorp

“If you know a yarn/textile craft like sewing or knitting, find someone else who knows a similar craft and just sit with them while you work together on your separate projects. Eventually, it’ll hit you that women have been doing this exact thing for virtually all of history. It’s surreal.” — intothepizzaverse

“Using a menstrual cup. 100% recommend unless you’re allergic to silicone.” — Rose_bud904

“Not being nice. I don’t mean being a bitch for no reason. But saying no, telling guys you’re not interested from the get go, sticking up for yourself when your boss tries taking the piss, not doing all the household chores constantly etc. I meet so many bitter older women because they have just had partners, friends, colleagues, children, and strangers taking taking taking from them their whole lives. Say no. Walk away. Don’t stay with partners who expect you to do the dishes every day. You’ll be lonelier. But you’ll have self respect.” — Relative-Thought-105

“Chopping all your hair off! Women get self conscious about their ‘face shape’ but men have the same 2-3 haircuts regardless of their facial shape. It’s freeing and super fun to try at least once.” — Anachronisticpoet

“Lifting weights. You may surprise yourself!” — GlamSpam

“Wear that outfit you were always too insecure for. You’ll look beautiful!” — lightbulletx3

“I’d say, go to your significant other/best friend and ask them if they are willing to do a style-shuffle. You dress and style your partner to your tastes and let them style you to theirs. it’s actually a really fun bonding activity.” — Natasha_T

“Buying yourself something pretty and indulgent just because you fucking feel like it. Don’t wait for a man/partner/whoever to buy it for you. Or a special occasion. You deserve it!” — cookiequeen724

“Get a ball gown a twirl around in it! You don’t have to spend a lot of money you can get one used at the goodwill it feels nice dress up for you.” — CherishSlan

“Live by yourself, even if you’re an extrovert. It’s worth trying and you grow more than you know!” — iloveyoutons

“Find a partner who gives really good oral. Nothing is better than that.” — Independent_Bake_257

“Archery! Boyfriend got me lessons for my last birthday and I felt like a badass warrior goddess. It was seriously one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.” — cookiequeen724

“Try going without beauty for a while. Society says we should shave, wear make-up, and have perfect smooth skin etc., and always look beautiful. So, try stopping wearing make-up or shaving or something, it’s amazing to just be, and I found stopping shaving for a while made me comfortable with the hair. Still don’t like it, still shave, but I can wear a really short sleeve or a tank top without shaving, and not feel like people are judging me.” — flaming_coals