16 Underrated Shows To Watch When You’ve Seen Everything Else
Rachel Claire

16 Underrated Shows To Watch When You’ve Seen Everything Else

Halt and Catch Fire. It chronicles the lives of four protagonists, three of them programmers and one of them a sales genius, as each struggles to stay on top in the tech world. They are a fictionalized representation of the ‘unsung heroes’ who sold their ideas to, or were otherwise cheated out by, the likes of Apple, Microsoft, AOL, Google, etc. Each season, of which there are four (and the show, by the way, wraps up beautifully), covers a milestone in tech. Season 1 is about the first ‘portable computer.’ Season 2, online gaming. Season 3, online chat. Season 4, the search engine. But again, as wonderfully as the tech world is portrayed, it’s the characters. Their development is the best I’ve seen in any show ever. It is a masterpiece. Produced by AMC.” — Cornifer_

Kim’s Convenience. Comedy but with a center that’s about family and taking responsibility and finding your own path.” — ElBurksie

Happy! It was so crazy and fun to watch and yet I’ve never heard anyone talk about it. It starred Christopher Meloni as a crass cynical ex-detective turned hitman who could see his kid’s imaginary friend Happy, that was voiced by Patton Oswalt. It’s really crazy. I think they got Jeff Goldblum to voice God at one point even.” — korvorn

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. David Cross makes a stupid choice in an everyday situation that leads to something where he makes another stupid choice…that leads to something where he makes a stupid choice… And this continues for 19 episodes. It’s hilarious.” — Admirable-Bat-7551

Reservation Dogs. Having grown up in semi-rural Oklahoma, this show is close to my heart. Every character is as familiar as an old sweater, and the stories all ring true. Waiting patiently for more.” — Aggromemnon

Resident Alien. Great fucking show. Look, it has Alan Tudyk in it. So, you should be watching it anyway. Can’t go wrong with some AT. No siree.” — Thiccaca

“Chuck. This is one of my husband’s favorites, and he had me watch all of it with him a few years back. Excellent show. Super quirky and entertaining.” — mrs_sarcastic

The Detectorists. It’s such a delightful show even if the humor is very British and dry. It’s relaxing.” — func_backDoor

“Fringe is one of my favorite series of all times. It had its flaws, as any other show does, but despite its heavy sci-fi core, what really stood out for me was the human aspect of it all. Walter Bishop must be one of the best incarnations of the mad scientist archetype ever, both in the compelling way his character was written and in the extraordinary way he was portrayed by John Noble. His central role in the entire external plot, but also in the thematic exposition and inner journey of the series’ characters, holds it all together beautifully and boosts its meaningfulness. The rest of the main characters and cast members are all excellent and well portrayed, but Walter is the cornerstone of it all in my opinion, and upped it all several notches.” — Gilgethan

Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Watching this show right now! Everyone I’ve talked to about it says they gave up straight away because the main character is a ‘stalker,’ I’m like, that’s the POINT.” — AdequatelyMadeSpork

Better Off Ted. It was ahead of its time. Perfect comedy that shits on corporatism in a really clever way” — Psychic_Bias

Becker. I loved Ted Danson and his grumpy sense of humor. One of the few shows that genuinely made me laugh hard. No one seems to remember it.” — Froggerson

Burn Notice. Loved the premise, Jeffrey Donovan killed it as the protagonist, it was great all the way through, surprisingly deep, hilarious and witty, at times gritty, and ended well. I can’t ask for more from a show, honestly.” — paul-writes

Rectify. Highly rated by critics, but I don’t think it got a ton of mainstream mention and most people I know have never heard of it. ‘Now that I’m here in this world, where everything’s marked by hours or dates or events, I find myself in a state of constant anticipation. What it is I’m anticipating, I’m not always sure… nor is it necessarily a pleasant feeling.’ Really loved watching this show.” — whoismico

The Night Of (HBO). Only 1 season, but if you’re into law this is a super great series. I think it’s only like 8 or so episodes, but man it’s worth the watch.” — Spudhater74

Episodes. This is exactly what Matt LeBlanc should have done right after Friends ended. Instead he did Joey, the kind of comedy Episodes rightly skewers.” — lanshaw1555