16 Women On The Magical Moment They Realized Their Man Was A Keeper

16 Women On The Magical Moment They Realized Their Man Was A Keeper

When someone is right for you, you just know. Here are the exact moments when real women realized their partner was a keeper:

“I guess everyone has different green flags that work with them, but my moment of when I knew I was going to be with my SO for the rest of my life is when I slept over and I was on my period. I laid on my back in my sleep and woke up and realized I bled on the bed. I panicked because it was only my third time spending the night and he got up and asked me what was wrong. I was so embarrassed but I told him and instead of being grossed out or anything he asked if I was okay. So while I went to the bathroom to clean up, he took care of the old sheets and put on new ones. When I came back up he acted like nothing happened and we cuddled and fell asleep. He’s an amazing person in so many different ways I’m a lucky woman.” — Bethel92

“Pay attention to how they help you deal with all your crappy situations. My mother and I are currently estranged due to her mental illnesses and alcoholism (it’s hard to deal with the coupling of the two) and has abused me verbally, emotionally, and mentally. I’ve told my current boyfriend about my fears, my sadness, my baggage, etc. when it comes to this and he doesn’t say a single awful thing about my mother. He of course says things like, ‘You deserve better, I’m so sorry, she shouldn’t do that’ etc. but he has NEVER called her any kind of name or even passed any kind of judgment on her.” — shnannah96

“The things he gets excited about sharing with me. If it’s thoughts, feelings, little jokes, something he saw that reminded him of me, a book or song he liked… all of these are things we can have conversations about to explore what we have in common (or at least where we can agree to disagree). Also, if I ask him if he wants to go somewhere with me on X night, and he says yes without asking what we’re doing or where we’re going. That level of trust makes me happy.” — mamacrocker

“Making time for me without me having to ask, or being made to feel like a huge burden.” — bs25418

“Shortly after I started dating my now-fiance, he and I took my then-3-year-old sister out for frozen yogurt for her birthday. He helped her eat hers since he didn’t want any and I was eating mine. Then he taught her to play Connect Four and let her do the 3-year-old thing where they make up their own rules so they win. At one point, she looked up at him over her shoulder and said, ‘You’re the best big brudder in the whole world.’ (She doesn’t have any other brothers, so he’s her first.) My heart melted and I became 100% certain that he was who I needed. To this day, if my sister is asked who her sisters are, he gets listed with the rest of us, usually before me. He’s definitely a keeper and I’m super grateful for him.” — hippiehoppy69

“When he brings up something I said a month ago in a mundane conversation. Melts my heart when I realize he actually listens to me when I talk.” — abriella2323

“Work had shipped me from my home in Canada to the UK for 3 months and for the first time in my life I was actually homesick. My then boyfriend who didn’t really know my friends well yet dropped them a line letting them know I’d really love to hear from them, but didn’t tell me he’d asked them to do it. He’s an introvert too, so very out of character for him to approach people like that. I didn’t find out he’d done this until we’d gotten engaged and my friends were glad I’d finally realized he was the one for me because they all knew back when he asked them to help with my homesickness. We’ve been married 14 years now.” — malica77

“I was eating some of my then-boyfriend’s (now-husband’s) ice cream while we were walking, after polishing off my smaller cup a block before, and gave it back to him. He said, ‘Have more.’ ‘I don’t want to eat all your ice cream.’ He laughed and said, ‘I always get a large, so you can eat part of it.’ Then I realized all the things he had done in the time I had known him — small considerate things like that, and he never mentioned them or wanted thanks. That was his green flag.” — zazzlekdazzle

“How he treats his younger sister. They’re the closest siblings I’ve seen at that age gap: 19 and 10. Usually older brothers are distant but he takes personal responsibility to give her a richer childhood since their parents are too busy.” — Cornettocone

“We’d been friends for years so I knew he was a good guy, but I guess the thing that really sealed the deal on my opinion of him was the first time he traveled across the country with me to meet my family. We went out to lunch with my grandparents and sat in a gazebo to chat afterwards. When we were ready to leave, he waited for my grandmother to approach the steps and helped her down. That kind of respect and consideration for others is a really good indicator of personality.” — idoenjoybakedgoods

“My biggest green flag for my relationship is knowing that I can go over to his house and not have to talk to him the entire time and still enjoy being there.” — ImBoringPenis

“Caring for others and small acts of kindness. Before we were even dating, I noticed my now husband clearing plates for people and washing the dirty dishes at our mutual friend’s house after a big gathering so our friend didn’t have to do it later.” — St3phiroth

“He doesn’t follow the clichés, but actually gets to know you. He doesn’t just bring you roses ‘because every girl loves roses’ but he brings you sunflowers because they remind you of fall and that’s your favorite season.” — cliff4

“When he doesn’t speak badly about his ex. My boyfriend would never really say anything about his ex-wife other than to talk about things with their daughter. I found out a few months into our relationship that she had cheated on him multiple times and was just generally awful to him. It says a lot when someone doesn’t trash someone else even if they probably deserved it.” — Kayeohh

“Giving you space when you need it. If I need some time alone, he’ll respect that.” — shittypedestrian

“He’s often told me; ‘It’s not a good day unless I know that I’ve made yours just a little bit better.’ He’ll often surprise me with little treats such as chocolates, letting me keep his sweater when I’m cold, and always making sure he’s there for me when we need someone to lean on. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him.” — spyro-thedragon