17 Common Sayings You Didn’t Realize You Were Using Wrong
Dominika Roseclay

17 Common Sayings You Didn’t Realize You Were Using Wrong

There are certain phrases you use all the time – but you might be using incorrectly. To make sure you aren’t messing up, check out these common words and phrases many people use wrong:

On accident. I read this often on Reddit. You do something on purpose. You do something by accident. The whole fucking point is that it was not purposeful. It was by accident.” — reddit_and_forget_um

“Per se. People use it to mean for example. But it means by itself. Correct usage would be: A runny nose does not mean you are sick per se.” — TheShoot141

“It’s batten down the hatches, not batting down the hatches.” — perishingtardis

Momentarily means for a moment, not in a moment. Wrong: your film will begin momentarily. Correct: I was momentarily speechless when I met Pikachu.” — HoldMyArsenic

“Mute point. Drives me up a wall. It’s Moot Point. Damn philistines.” — Joeskyfresh1

“Nip it in the butt. No, it’s nip it in the bud.” — Squigglepig52

“Current: The proof is in the pudding. Evolved from: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The current usage doesn’t make sense to me. I know language evolves. But in this case I think it devolved.” — ElsieDCow

“When people say, I’m bias instead of I’m biased. You can have a bias but you can’t BE bias!” — suzzface

“Weary vs wary. Weary means you’re tired of it. Wary means you’re suspicious of it. For example people will say, ‘I’m weary of that neighborhood’ when they mean wary.” — Nice_Marmot_7

“It’s not CHOMPING at the bit, it’s CHAMPING at the bit.” — echoCashMeOusside

“Saying full proof and not fool proof.” — Ffphoebeigh

“Deep seeded issues. No, it’s deep seated.” — Squigglepig52

“It’s all intents and purposes, and not all intensive purposes.” — TwoChainzOneVagina

I couldn’t care less, being said as, I could care less.” — MarissaGW

“I said my peace, when it should be piece.” — Tony-Sorpano

“Ec cetera and ect. instead of et cetera and etc. Understandable I suppose, given it’s a dead language, but it still ruffles my feathers.” — eyeshinesk

“In the Southern US, I’ve heard people struggle with specific by saying pacific. I remind them that’s the ocean.” — Devi1_May_Cry