17 Non-Obvious, Early Signs Your Relationship Is Ending

17 Early Signs Your Relationship Is Coming To An End

It sucks to admit that a relationship isn’t going to work out, but it’s better to rip the bandage off early than to stay when you know you would be happier apart. Here are a few warning signs that the relationship you’re in is probably coming to an end soon:

“When you feel like you have to make excuses about your SO to others. (Why they do what they do. Why they said what they said etc.)” — udonowho

“Contempt. Relationships don’t survive contempt, and early, small expressions of disgust grow larger and more entrenched as people build on what they have become accustomed to getting away with. Eye-rolling when the partner talks; cutting them off in conversation; dismissing with sarcastic generalizations (‘oh, as if you’d ever…’); belittling the partner when in the safety of groups. All these things are signs that the iceberg is dead ahead.” — kibble

“When instead of getting excited to see their messages you get annoyed and/or feel smothered. When I was questioning whether or not I wanted to break up with my ex this is what really told me it was time to go.” — smallrussianshark

When you realize that you can’t problem-solve for shit when the two of you are together, even simple tasks that require nothing more than open communication. Relationships require work, but they also need to be functional. If basic incompatibility keeps the two of you from working together as a partnership, it’s fucking doomed.” — Grundlebang

“You feel strongly about something but you don’t want to talk about it because you know it’ll just become an argument that won’t be resolved satisfactorily.” — old_gold_mountain

“If something happens that you want to discuss with someone (get advice, share good news, sympathy for something, etc) and your SO is not the first person you want to go to, then the relationship is on its way out. Not necessarily if it happens once or twice, but if it happens frequently then they are not the person for you.” — outlandish93

“When you start feeling nostalgia for the relationship you’re currently in.” — leliik

“When your SO seems totally disinterested in talking to you. You try to start a conversation and they just give you one word/one sentence answers.” — net_traveller

“When you don’t see each other for a few days, and you’re not excited to get back together.” — bschoolprof_mookie

“When their quirks that you used to find endearing now make you want to scream.” — nightbirdjo1971

“Even fights are one-sided. The other person just stops trying to resolve the issues.” — castor2015

“Just hanging out becomes a chore more than a pleasure.” – captainplasticspoon

“When others talk about your SO to you, and you get a little exasperated, or a little wince/groan on your face when they say their name.” — llcucf80

“When breakup songs start making more sense to you than love songs.” — [deleted]

“When you are only a companion, someone to keep them from feeling alone while they go about their life.” — Hedgehogz_Mom

“When you’re spending time with them and you’d rather be anywhere else. When conversations with them become dry and boring, that’s a big one too.” — TheBritUchiha

“The brief terrifying, numbing thought of ‘is this going to be the rest of my life?’” — tastystarbits