17 Happily Married Couples On What They Wish Unmarried People Knew

17 Happily Married Couples On What The Wish Unmarried People Knew

Here is some advice from happily married couples:

“Have things you enjoy doing with your spouse that don’t involve sex. The most stable marriages are ones where you and your spouse could be friends if you weren’t married. Goes for dating too, IMO.” — Beezertheturnip

“Liking your partner is just as important if not more than loving them.” — No-Wrangler-9001

“Getting married doesn’t mean that you’re never going to feel lonely again.” — [deleted]

“Talk to your partner before you make decisions. I can’t even tell you how much shit I get from my single friends when I tell them I’ll ‘check with my husband’ before agreeing to do something. Usually it’s just to make sure we don’t have something else going on that I forgot about, or maybe he wanted to do something and I haven’t brought it up. It’s not asking permission, it’s being conscientious of your partner. It’s especially true if you have kids. No, I don’t ask my husband to ‘babysit,’ but it would be pretty shitty for me to just say ‘oh hey, I’m going out tonight. Have fun with a couple toddlers by yourself and with no notice!’ And he treats me with the same respect.” — IAmZot

“Only the couple sets the rules of what their marriage is. Not your mother, not your friends, not tv… just you. That actually applies to all relationships.” — [deleted]

“Getting married WILL NOT help solve any issues in your relationship…” — [deleted]

“Do not rush into marriage, and make sure you have multiple serious talks about everything (few examples: religion, family, friends, goals for near future, goals for future, plans for kids, lifestyle, housing, retirement.) The reason I say multiple talks is because people grow or change the longer they are with each other.” — Jim105

“Once the butterflies go away it is your job to create butterfly moments.” — Frito_del_sur_Sar

“Decide whether a fight is worth having – if it doesn’t matter tomorrow, does it really matter today?” — rhnireland

“Don’t ever judge the success or failure of your marriage by what other marriages APPEAR to be.” — DurianBurp

“Know that whatever the darkest part of your life you’ve previously experienced was, you are going to go through something equally or more dark, but with your partner. Having someone who will support you rather than leave you in that moment is pivotal.” — IslandsOnTheCoast

“Even though you get married, your relationship will keep evolving. You might not be in that ‘honeymoon’ phase of love, but you still love and respect the person that you are with. Both of you will change as people as the relationship gets older, but that’s not a bad thing. Life is change.” — zombie_tomato

“Be honest always! Once you break trust, you never really get it back. Even if that honesty might cause some momentary discomfort, in the long-run you’re better off because your spouse will trust you. Also, never put yourself in a position where cheating is an option. Your single friends will never value your marriage as much as you do.” — Obiwan_ca_blowme

“Don’t go venting your problems to your group of friends. It paints your spouse in bad light, even once the problem has been resolved. There are two of you in a relationship, keep it that way.” — PBnEpiSammy

“An issue is expecting your spouse to be your everything. It is a balance. You should be able to talk to your spouse about anything but be careful about using them as a therapist. It puts too much emotional burden on them.” — TechFiend72

“THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO COMMUNICATE ABOUT EVERYTHING, AT ALL TIMES!!! If you don’t, prepare for the eventual divorce. Communication is key.” — Makkapakka777

“Having kids is NOT REQUIRED. My wife and I are having loads of fun just being together. Don’t need kids to be happy.” — Charlie24601

“You can do everything right and it can still fail. Being true to yourself throughout the relationship allows you to be kind to yourself regardless of success or failure.” — mostlikelydeniable