17 Horrible Pieces Of Love Advice That Will Ruin Your Relationship
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17 Horrible Pieces Of Love Advice That Will Ruin Your Relationship

You shouldn’t take love advice from just anyone. Some common phrases you’ve heard in the past are only going to make your relationship worse. Here are some pieces of love advice that you should ignore completely:

Always be the one who wears the pants. Horrible, horrible advice I got from my mom. She was super upset when I told her that we’re a team and that both of us wear the pants.” — BuffOne1124

If they are acting jealous (for no good reason), it only shows that they love you. If your SO is getting jealous because you had coffee with your colleague, that’s not love. These sorts of behaviors can become extreme and lead to abuse.” — SuvenPan

“If he hurts you or bullies you it’s because he likes you… No. It’s because he is an ass.” — -Fire-Opal-

“Those people who test the loyalty by hiring attractive people to flirt with them via Instagram. People have suggested it directly. Please don’t. It’s all sorts of wrong.” — noahisadumbass_

Love means never having to say you’re sorry. That’s the dumbest, 1970s, movie tag-line shit I’ve ever heard.” — J_David_Settle_1973

If you both love each other, it’ll be okay in the end. No it won’t. Love is not enough. And love can come and go. You have to put in a real mental and emotional effort. You need to make sacrifices. You need to choose to be there for that person even if you are mad at them or worse do not really feel the love for them at the moment. Nothing feels more amazing than to love and to be loved, but a longterm relationship needs more than that. It’s why I believe team work and actual commitment is crucial, because the honeymoon phase will end. Doesn’t mean there won’t be any love, on the contrary, but it takes hard work and a real commitment from both. At least this is my opinion.” — mineral_water_69

“Have a child, it’ll make your problems go away and you can understand each other better.” — pgg1610

Marriage is meant to be holy, not happy. This was genuine advice from my (at the time) MIL while my marriage was actively failing and my then – husband was manipulating and gaslighting me. And I believed it at the time. Fuck that, don’t structure your relationships around arbitrary external standards.” — cornygiraffe

Stay together for the kids. It’s not in the kid’s best interest when the relationship is abusive.” — ancientflowers

Follow your heart. While having the feeling of love is important, it can be confused with infatuation. If you have family or friends that tell you the relation is bad or isn’t going to work, take that into consideration. Try to take a step back and look at the situation.” — yttikmood

Get married first. You can take your time to get to know them after that. WHAT THE FUCK.” — Walteryuen99

“The whole idea of ‘the one.’ Nothing kills more relationships than this notion of whether or not they’ve found ‘the one.’ Have an argument? You start being paranoid they aren’t ‘the one.’ Have a small personality clash? Start being paranoid they aren’t ‘the one.’ Have different dreams or goals? Wonder if they are ‘the one.’ Have different hobbies? Wonder if they are ‘the one.’ I’ve seen so many relationships crumble because people are so damn quick to chalk up their partner as the ‘wrong one’ as opposed to trying to work through problems like an adult.” — Johnnywannabe

Don’t go to bed angry. My wife would talk things out until 3 am just so we wouldn’t go to bed angry. It ended up not good because we just kept misunderstanding each other due to be so tired. She finally gets it is ok to go to bed angry and discuss the next day when we have had time to sleep on it/not be so angry in the moment. Saved me hours of sleep in the long term.” — MrCool427

Happy Wife Happy Life. That phrase is such BS. Healthy relationships are not one-sided and at times require compromise and work. Both husband AND wife need to work together to make a happy relationship.” — foureyebull

Have sex with them after a fight or during a fight. All it taught me was that abuse should seem sexually attractive when it’s not.” — reditblunt

“Negging. Negging is the worst relationship advice ever.” — i_know_tofu

“The whole ‘if he can’t buy your nails, hair, and still take you out whenever you want and buy everything you ask for, drop him’ thing I’ve been seeing around so often. Sometimes you can tell they’re joking, but some people are dead serious when they say this.” — YourDigitalFootprint