17 People Reveal The Moment They Stopped Watching ‘The Walking Dead’
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17 Horror Fans Reveal The Moment They Stopped Watching ‘The Walking Dead’

Spoilers ahead, so make sure you’re either caught up with The Walking Dead or have stopped caring about the characters!

“Killing off Carl is what made me really stop caring. Carl grew from an annoying kid to one of the best and just got dumped. It’s even worse when you know Carl doesn’t even die in the comics and becomes a more major character.” — RunningWithHands

“The season where Glenn and some other guy got attacked by zombies and the other guy was ripped to pieces but somehow Glenn escaped into a sewer manhole under a dumpster.” — BaconMobile

“When they were at that fucking farm forever.” — Roland7540

“That episode where the dude with the baseball bat and barbed wire had all of them kneeling down and I think he killed Glenn? Up to that, watched every episode religiously. Just gave it up cold turkey and never looked back.” — againwithausername

“When they basically stopped involving walking dead. I get the show had to have human conflict and you need deeper bad guys, but it became a revolving door of fresh beginnings into total failure for the main characters over and over again.” — ijustwantdoodooman

“When they spent an entire season following train tracks only to blow up the destination after one episode.” — RevenRadic

“When Rick made a deal with the Garbage people. The whole idea of them having their own language and acting like a new race of humans when it was only a couple years or so since before the apocalypse. I felt insulted as a viewer and didn’t want to be the type of viewer they wanted.” — thisguy0101

“Alexandria was where I stopped watching. Mainly because the drama felt like it was just the same pattern over and over. They find a new place to stay/survive. That place doesn’t work out for whatever reason. One of the main cast dies. They find somewhere new. Rinse and repeat. It wasn’t even intriguing either. After Terminus, it seemed like it was just trying to shock horror us instead of writing compelling drama.” — Morvack

“When that fake ass tiger showed up.” — fuckitweredoingitliv

After they killed Hershel. Pissed me off so bad I couldn’t watch anymore.” — lilreddslim

“Lasted until Alpha and Beta; the TV versions remind me way too much of Rob Zombie and Uncle Fester.” — WhatIfImNamedKaren

“Way too long. The sunken cost fallacy. I think I stopped by season 7 but I’m not sure. I loved the comics so I think I stuck with it for a while out of respect, but then got fully sick of it when Rick’s daughter aged up and got really annoying.” — jigsawsmurf

“Left when they apparently ate people in terminus.” — tjsjer

“There was this revolving door scene. And as mine numbingly day one antics the death was, the characters were so forgettable and blending together that one or two words could describe their entire personality. A shout out to the practical effects department you all are sweet honey angels that are the backbone of the show. But it’s a shame the plot and cast are so mismanaged.” — Saughtvol

“When Jesus died. All my favorite characters had been killed up until that point and Jesus was the only one left.” — HalfChineseJesus

“When they randomly jumped forward in time. New characters with little charisma after two boring seasons? I was done.” — sweet_jones

“When the damn kid lost his eye.” — Luckybuddha420