Married Men Share The One Thing They Wish Their Wife Understood

17 Married Men Share The One Thing They Wish Their Wife Understood

“When I compliment her, I really mean it. I’m not just saying it for the sake if saying it.” — vertigorider

“If I’m pissy or angry, it doesn’t mean it’s because of you. Especially if I came home from work angry. Please stop guilt tripping me.” — VikeOfOdin

“We don’t have to share all the same interests. Reality TV bores me, but if I start reading while you’re watching it, that’s not my way of saying that you have to change the channel and act like a martyr about it.” — Aldeberon

“Stop fucking texting me shit while I drive! You know what time I get off work and will be on the road. Don’t text me a bunch of unimportant questions and then 20 minutes later some bullshit about how I’m ignoring you.” — Ds1018

“That it can (and is for me) completely frustrating to be expected to be the handy man, tech support, mechanic, landscaper, and cleaning service.” — toolongtospell

“Just because it takes me a minuet or two to wrap up what I’ve been doing while waiting for you to finish getting ready, it does not mean that I am the reason we are 30 minuets late.” — xjrider

“That just because I said I need time to myself or want to do something alone it doesn’t mean anything negative towards her or is because of her.” — Draeth

“That whenever I’m angry, all I want to do is be left alone until I’m ready to talk about it.” — Aldelia

“If I say something that could potentially be interpreted in two ways, I meant the less offensive one. If I mean to be offensive, it will be obvious.” — RoboNinjaPirate

“I wish that she understood that I love the way she looks.” — Friend_of_Tigger

“That even after 23 years, I still have no capability to hear her thoughts until she verbalizes them.” — sourmilksmell

“I need her to show me affection too.” — [deleted]

“That telling me how much you ‘saved’ at the store does not impress me. How much did you spend?” — Sierra_Oscar_Lima

“That I am not sleepy at 10pm and if I go to bed with you, I’ll want to blow my brains out from staring at the ceiling for the next four hours. It does not mean our relationship is failing. It means I’m not sleepy and want to go play video games or read.” — MosifD

“That when she screws up on something that affects us she needs to apologize and not pretend she didn’t mess up.” — jmeny

“If there is something you want, like a particular gift for your birthday, someplace you want to go, something you want to do then DON’T HINT! I’m not a freaking mind reader, just tell me.” — theonlybluecow

“That sex is still important to me after 8 years – and that I still want sex to be expressive not routine service to my penis.” — sevenoutdb