17 Men Reveal How Their Girlfriend Pisses Them Off The Most

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17 Men Discuss How Their Girlfriend Upsets Them The Most

“Gets historical when angry. Not hysterical, but historical. Brings up everything that you’ve ever done wrong. Having apologized for something in the past doesn’t count anymore.” — liarliarplants4hire

“My wife can never ever get ready on time. It drives me nuts because she knows I get anxiety over being late.” — squatch_watcher

“Sticks her hair to the side of the shower and leaves it there. I understand you are trying to stop it from clogging up the drain, but god dammit clean it up when you’re done” — Dead2TheCore

“Questions like: ‘If you could change one thing about me, what would you change?'” — herthabscberlin

“I get seriously annoyed that it seems to me that my wife doesn’t care about my sexual satisfaction at all. She’s pretty much a dead fish and I have to ask to even get a simple hug. It seriously makes me feel unwanted and crappy.” — BusStopNobody

“Wife: Do you want to A or B? Me: A Wife: No, Let’s do B (A and B can represent any number of things, restaurants, activities, dinner options, etc.) If you already had an answer, why did you even ask me?” — nachocheeze246

“She gets mad/upset about things that happen in dreams.” — doukeshi-o

“Not being direct with me. If you’re pissed and I don’t know why I’ll never figure it out. For the love of god just tell me what’s going on..” — pythagorean3some

“Takes forever to text back, but when we hang out she is never off her phone.” — Sgt_Snugglez

“I’ll sit down on the couch, put my feet up, get comfortable. She’ll come in, sit down next to me, and then ask me, ‘Can you get my X?’ where X is anything she could have gotten on the way to the couch.” — marcins

“My friends say that they hate when their girlfriends constantly use baby talk.” — [deleted]

“During the first three minutes of a movie, a new character comes on-screen. ‘Who’s that?'” — boat_branches

“After receiving a compliment: ‘You’re just saying that.’ No, I don’t.” — jeremyjack33

“When I do something weird/stupid she jokingly says, ‘Why am I even dating you?’…. That shit hurts.” — iQlimax

“Me: ‘I’m going to make a sandwich, do you want one?’ Girlfriend ‘No, I’m not hungry.’ Comes back with sandwich Girlfriend: ‘Can I have some?’” — BaconTacos117

“She requires attention and when she gets it she is happy. Guys also need a little attention from time to time and I have to drop hints for her to understand. She likes to live in her own little perfect world and forgets about ‘hey shit…I got a boyfriend as well.’” — akara1001

“I’m a mechanical engineer with a very technical, hands-on background (including self maintenance on my own car). She’ll mention something about how her car is making a weird noise or an issue with it, but when I try to look at her car or offer to fix it, she freaks out and doesn’t trust my expertise. It’s my job to know how these things work, so it bothers me when she doesn’t trust me.” — Gary32790