17 Men Reveal The Most Adorable Thing Their Girlfriends Do That They Can’t Get Enough Of

17 Men Reveal The Adorable Thing Their Girlfriend Does (That They Can’t Get Enough Of)

You might not realize what your partner loves the most about being with you. Sometimes their favorite things about dating you are the things you never would have guessed. Here are some adorable things men love when their partners do:

“When someone does something bad to me and she gets angry on my behalf. She looks like an angry chihuahua, but I still feel loved and safe.” — sam64228

“My partner is great with kids and animals. I fell in love with her over time watching her interact and care for animals, and then I watched her teach little ones about wildlife. Now she’s in daycare and my heart warms when I hear about her stomping around the playground like a dinosaur with a bunch of kids.” — HGMIV926

“She is just real. No pretense, no bullshit. Just upfront and honest. Love of my life. At 61 I never expected it, but by all that is holy am I ever grateful.” — Xevram

“Anytime I lay my head on her lap she rubs my neck. I work in a mine and it’s pure bliss to have my sore neck rubbed.” — Klaydunn

“Making me laugh. She’s fucking silly.” — Future_Imperfect_

“Right before we sleep together she gets sleepy and her body gets warmer. Just radiating heat. It is the most attractive thing ever and I don’t know why. Then we spoon all night.” — blue_aero

“Paint! She is the most talented painter ever that doesn’t give herself enough credit.” — Mother_Ingenuity_884

“When she goes hyper, she GOES. And two hyper episodes are never alike. I love it. I can’t get enough. I hope our little one has the same hyperactive energy!” — sgste

“When she bites me in random places at random times.” — mr_stroberi

“She can read my mind. Fuckin frightening sometimes. Always knows what exactly what to say to bring my spirit up.” — Proteus783

“The enticing smell of bread baking in the oven when I come home – each week, a different variety of homemade bread to enjoy.” — Back2Bach

“Neck kisses 😮‍💨” — azulas-protege

“When we are laughing and joking and she one ups a joke and says something hilarious but also clever at the same time, catches me off guard.” — Consistent-Clothes49

“My ex was the greatest, most thoughtful gift-giver. She’d make unique things that were really meaningful and special. I was always amazed.” — BrilliantWeb

“Moral integrity, being a good person striving to better themselves even if it’s not beneficial but simply the right thing to do.” — MSAutarkia

“Scratching my back and touching my hair. I think I have become selfish. Every morning I get back scratches and can’t get enough.” — Round_Teacher_224

“Exist. She’s such a wonderful, beautiful, silly being and I am continuously grateful that she’s in my life.” — _austinm