17 Men Share What Makes A Woman Undatable In Their Opinion

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17 Men Share What Makes A Woman Undateable In Their Opinion

“Not being able to admit fault eventually. I understand the first 48 hours of feeling justified or creating a reason but once the argument has cooled down and you still can’t just apologize even though they are clearly in the wrong makes me question the way that woman thinks.” – JacOmac212

“Anyone where you feel you have to earn their affection. Then it just feels like a job instead of sharing a life with someone.” — ConvenienceStoreDiet

“They’re so hung up on being bitter about a previous relationship all you hear about is how horrible men and their exes in particular are.” — NoTimeLeftForReddit

“If she talks a lot but doesn’t give you a turn to talk, or vice versa (makes you do all the talking).” — GodhimselfUwU

“If you can’t resolve your problems (be they with me or someone else) without shouting, fighting, or causing drama, I don’t want to know. I’m a grown ass adult, I don’t want to shout and scream or throw a temper tantrum like a petulant child, if I have a problem I want to talk it out and come to a reasonable resolution where all parties feel heard and happy.” — A_Few_Kind_Words

“Needy when not together, but absent when together.” — Daiku_Coffee

“When women are toxic to each other or put other women down for not fitting in to what’s popular. Women who are exclusive or elitist in any way are an INSTANT turn off.” — Tuff_Tone

“If she makes you feel like you’re walking on eggshells all the time.” — Smurfso

“Irrational beliefs and willful ignorance. One of the worst things out there in any person irrespective of sex, gender, age, culture, etc. (I am assuming a mentally healthy person, I wouldn’t make the same judgement on someone struggling with mental health issues.” — did_it_forthelulz

“She is totally in charge but you are totally responsible.” — flactulantmonkey

“If you can’t live without social media and drama. I am not on any social media beyond Reddit and I fucking despise drama, if you want to go getting into everyone’s business and can’t spend more than an hour away from Facebook etc then it’s just not going to work out. I want a quiet life where I can look after me and mine without the stress of constant drama or fighting. I don’t care what other people I barely know are doing and if we can’t resolve our problems through logical discussion instead of arguing, I’m not going to stick around.” — A_Few_Kind_Words

“She doesn’t put in it the effort you are putting in with her.” — CompetitiveRock5160

“If she is surrounded by drama and always talks shit about other people.” — burnit9999

“Inability to communicate or commit. Had to cut my ex off for good because she was emotionally abusing me keeping me distant but an option and I got sick of it finally.” — Key-Cheek2373

“Addiction. Speaking from experience.” — itsachopperbaby1

“Spends more than she earns without even trying to get better at it.” — rusty_5hackleford

“Probably the same thing that makes men undateable, the worst quality in any human of any gender – arrogance!” — [deleted]