17 People On The Most ‘Single’ Thing They’ve Done

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17 People Share The Most Stereotypical ‘Single’ Thing They’ve Done

“Accidentally scheduled my annual gynecologist visit for Valentine’s Day because I forgot the date 2/14 had any significance.” — palindrome4lyfe

“I was dancing in a nightclub, and Jason DeRulo’s Riding Solo came on. I started crying because I, too, was riding solo. Alcohol may have been involved.” — [deleted]

“RSVPed to a friend’s wedding with my plus-one as ‘Some Rando from Tinder’ and she put it on a seating card.” — GoddamnDelight

“Went to see Magic Mike by myself with a six pack of beer hidden in my purse” — Jedi_Mama

“Woke up naked after a night out with no memory of getting home and vibrator still buzzing next to me, turns out I had a one night stand with myself.” — Fml379

“I needed to buy a mattress recently. I bought a twin.” — d_hell

“I realized my dog ate better than I did so I started cooking meals for two, we had boiled chicken, rice and veggies almost every night for a few months. Life was so simple back then.” — Scorpionwins23

“Sometimes I like to hold my own hand like Wall-E.” — [deleted]

“I once teared up because as I was leaving the BK drive thru to go eat at home alone and I saw through the window this 50 year old couple in a booth smiling at each other and talking. I’m a 22 year old man.” — Cottagecheesefarts

“Bought a boyfriend pillow. Oh god. I was so proud, so proud and lonely.” — maryeuh

“Went to a crowded IHOP for breakfast alone and was asked if I minded sharing a table with another single guest. I was hungry, so fuck it. She was 20 years my senior and we chatted until the food arrived. No more words as we both shoveled the food into our mouths and escaped the situation ASAP.” — Minister_Of_Da_Dick

“My bed has warped into a taco from sleeping in the center for so long.” — onishi87

“Looked down at my shopping basket in a Barnes and Noble on February 15, and realized I was standing in line to buy a book on cat ownership, a bunch of knitting patterns, and a few boxes of 75% off Valentine’s chocolates.” — Carnelian96

“I literally blew up a vibrator once from overheating.” — Elvishgirl

“Ordered a couple large pizzas, both for me, got a couple bags of chips and some soda. Ate all of it in bed over the course of 12 hours while watching Netflix. If I had been with someone else you could call it relationship goals but nope.” — [deleted]

“Once for Valentine’s day, I got ready for dinner by putting on a suit and tie, looking all fancy for a date. Went to the best Hibachi steakhouse in the area, dropped $30 dollars to take myself out on a date with the rest of the couples that were at the table looking at me awkwardly and with sad looks towards me.” — 1badashe

“Went to a movie alone, then went out to a restaurant alone afterwards. It was surprisingly nice though.” — [deleted]