17 Hilarious Problems Only 90s Kids Will Understand

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17 Problems Only 90s Kids Will Understand

“Taking your disposable camera to get developed, and having no idea if any of your pictures were even usable until you got the pictures back.” —  butteRFLyliCY

“Making that perfect mixed tape or CD for a person that you like. Many many hours spent getting the right tracks. Shit is stressful!” — xdirector7

“Scrambling to use the restroom as quickly as possible during the commercial break of a highly anticipated television episode/event.” — ArghNooo

“Not being able to watch the movie you want to see because all the copies from Blockbuster are already gone.” — SuvenPan

“Flipping through your CD binder looking for the next CD to put into car’s CD player.” — sparkchaser

“Hearing your favorite song on the radio and rushing to press record in time and hoping the DJ doesn’t talk over it too much.” — Dramatic_Mess_5818

“Missing your favorite show and having to wait ages for that episode to be repeated.” — pajamakitten

“Having to ration out your text messages because each one cost a certain amount of money, and we only got so much money on the sim card.” — Ashtar-the-Squid

“Calling the movie theater or looking in the paper for movie times.” — coolFRien5TY

“Getting disconnected from the internet because you had a phone call.” — anonymous__rando

“Rewinding the movies you rented and dropping them off before the late fee.” — Genius-Imbecile

“CD players skipping parts of a track because of a shock. Or your favorite AC/DC CD has a skip in it and it isn’t until years later when you hear the song on the radio, do you realize your CD has had a scratch in it since day one. Speaking from experience here.” — JustABasicBadWitch

“Having to talk to someone’s parents before you could talk to them.” — beautyontheinside

“Having to find a safe place to pull over to read the map then remember what the hell road you’re supposed to be looking for and which way to turn.” — WEWE4E

“Having a printed list of family and friends’ phone numbers stuck on the fridge.” — etERNItyjoY

“Excessive disposable battery use. The sheer number of batteries my siblings and I blew through on our Gameboys had to have filled a landfill somewhere.” — Big_Requirement_3540

“Getting randomly booted off America Online in the middle of trying to use the internet. I also think people tend to gloss over or forget how shitty the early days of the internet were. I mean hell, we didn’t have YouTube before 2006. You wanna watch a music video from 1989 in 1995? Tough shit. Equally, I can remember when Wikipedia got popular (2005-2006) and just being amazed that you could look up academic quality articles on all kinds of subjects for free. That didn’t exist in the 90s. Website discovery back then was weird too. We didn’t have quite the abundance of search engines and algorithms, so you generally had to know the URL of the site you were looking for. Advertisements and commercials often showed the full web address of whatever they were promoting.” — Music_City_Madman