17 Red Flag First Impressions
Masha Raymers

17 Red Flag First Impressions

“Negative self-talk. It’s really hard to have a conversation with someone who thinks they’re less than. If you think you’re trash, why would anyone want to be associated with you? Trying to convince someone they’re not trash is exhausting and it is a turn off for me when meeting new people. I can handle friends who talk poorly about themselves, and I have, but I won’t become a new person’s therapist. I deserve to have peace of mind too.” — polarisborealis

“Having to take pics of the food/drinks for social media before you can get down to the date. There are people out there that will literally take your cocktails to stage for a photo for Instagram on the first date. “ — This_Leek744

“When they bring an entourage. Expecting to meet one person and seeing several is enough to make me turn around and go home.” — Sentsuizan

“When someone name drops designer labels. Not my purse, but my Gucci bag.” — PurplePineapples30

“They start using pet names right away. Honey, babe, sweetie… How about just using my name until we get to know each other?” — zodwallopp

“Constant negativity, gossip, apparent love of social conflict; anything that makes me assume that as soon as we part ways, they’ll start speaking poorly of me for any reason they can.” — neuro_illogical

“When they expect you to pay for their meal/drink when you never offered to. I feel like it should be custom nowadays to split the bill on the first date.” — sCatTrbrAiNd_

“They stand WAY too close and don’t consider personal space or personal hygiene. “ — OpenRepair4390

“When they spread. I mean, they’re sitting on a couch by themselves, but they spread their legs and arms so much they end up taking up the whole couch.” — always_sewing

“Asking you a question and then proceeding to interrupt you while you’re answering. That is the quickest way to piss me off and not want to talk.” — Fuzzy_Card8173

“When their first reaction is to comment on a specific part of your physical appearance like the size of your feet or something like that.” — endofthehold

“A person who squeezes your fingers really hard when handshaking. But the dead fish handshake is equally annoying.” — JksG_5

“Bragging. Seems like a lot of people try to impress you off the bat by subtly bragging. I hate it.” — SnooTigers8111

“Any form of coercion to go back to their place if I’ve already said no. Red flag of disrespect for boundaries.” — xfalinex

“Spitting. I have no clue why but so many guy cant seem to regulate the saliva in their mouths and feel the need to spit on the floor when walking down the street. It’s gross, it’s disgusting, just swallow it please.” — Ok-Somewhere-790

“When half the things they say are negative or shit talking about other people.” — WorkStudyPlay

“People who talk so much about themselves that when you try saying something about you, they reply ‘ehm ok’ and start talking about themselves AGAIN. I don’t have problem with talkative people, I love to talk, but I can’t bear when it’s only one sided.” — Aterakel