17 Sad Truths Only Intelligent People Will Understand

17 Sad Truths Only Genuinely Smart People Will Understand

Unfortunately, your intelligence isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes it can cause trouble. Here are some sad truths only intelligent people will understand:

“All the smart kids that turned into smart adults are severely burnt out and need a break from everything.” — Collardile

“Expectations are a killer. If you are gifted, having an average life is seen as a failure.” — Sownd_Rum

“Our school system isn’t built to deal with them. It crushes bright kids down to everyone else’s level. The usual solution is just to give them extra work to do on top of the assigned work, when they finish that too fast. But to a kid, that’s a punishment. In this way achieving beyond a certain accepted parameter is quietly discouraged.” — theexteriorposterior

“Being smart enough to know you’re right while dealing with people too stupid to know they’re wrong is soul crushing.” — Stryker2279

“They are full of doubt compared to people who are not smart.” — Fuck-Reddit-Mods69

“There’s different levels of ‘smartness’ and different smart people go about life in different ways. But I think universally young prodigies are typically isolated. They are at a level far above children their age, but are far younger than the people they match intellectually with (lacking life experience). Either way, a young prodigy can’t connect with either group.” — Firamaster

“The sad truth is that being smart isn’t even a particuarly good indicator in living a happy and fulfilling life.” – External-Lab1103

“No matter how smart you may be, if you have an argument with a so stupid or so self-centered person, you will almost never prevail.” — Ill-Thanks-5416

“A lot of the ‘smart kids’ in high school are being forced by their parents to succeed. When they become adults they have all the academic skills but little life skills and they struggle to succeed.” — BigCap2666

“There are different types of intelligence. Being good at physics doesn’t mean that you should manage people.” — oliverismyspiritdog

“Lots of people will be jealous of them and resent them, including family members.” — SuvenPan

“They are often miserable, and able to thoroughly understand their misery and failures.” — Charming_Cash

“Intelligence doesn’t always mean wisdom.” — YourFatherHere1

“They have no effect on dumb people’s opinions.” — theboomboy

“They never learn to study until it is too late.” – Putty119

“They aren’t able to balance ambition and fear of failure.” — Putty119

“I think truly smart people, those genuinely rare geniuses, are so smart that the rest of us can’t even comprehend it. It must be a very strange feeling going through life knowing that most people just can’t see and understand the things you do.” — Single-Incident5066