17 Things Men Think Are Harmless (That Actually Piss Women Off)

17 Things Men Think Are Harmless (That Women Really Hate)

Unfortunately, women have to deal with a lot of BS from men on a daily basis. Here are a few things some men might think are harmless – but actually piss women off:

“Do not fucking touch my waist or hips and excuse it by saying ‘just trying to scoot by.’ Use your words if you need to walk behind me. You wouldn’t do this to a man. I know what you’re doing. It’s not clever.” — superfruitballs

“Random men who tell me to smile. Especially if they add something like how pretty you’d look if you smiled. Nothing blows the top of my head off faster. Who the hell thinks it’s ok to expect me to smile and look pretty for their personal enjoyment? Smile? For you? Because women should look appealing at all times to all men? Fuck off.” — grannygritz

“Assuming and insisting we’re mad when we’re really not, which results in us being irritated and them saying, ‘See! I knew you were mad’ when we wouldn’t have been mad in the first place if they stopped insisting.” — gaydum

“Once had a guy in college tell me I’d be really hot if I put in some effort in the morning. 8am class and I was a bartender with a boyfriend. 100% dgaf about trying to turn you on bro.” — Smartwentcrazy89

“Insulting other women’s bodies in front of us. I’ve had men do this around me thinking it’ll boost my self-esteem if they insult factors of another woman’s appearance that I don’t have, for example by bullying small chested, older or larger women. All it does is put me in competition with others and makes me realize that if my physical traits were different, this man probably wouldn’t respect me half as much, or that I’ll be less attractive to him if my appearance changes. It makes me feel like a commodity, puts pressure on me and just makes the relationship feel very surface level.” — stagsinthehospice

Calm down when you have any reaction, even just raising my eyebrows. I am calm. But it’s okay when you get mad and punch a wall…” — Shahmaan

“You’re too pretty to work this job. I heard this constantly from male patients when I was a paramedic. I was the youngest paramedic they had and I was one of the few women. IT ISN’T A COMPLIMENT YOU TWAT. I WORKED REALLY HARD TO GET THERE.” — 1Small_Pink_Camel

“CAT CALLING. STOP IT.” — candyghost

“Calling them ‘baby’ and ‘sweetheart’ like immediately after meeting. Ugh that is such a cringey thing to do when they aren’t even aware of what your first name is.” — DizzyZygote 

You’re cute when you’re mad.” — ancientamber

For being a girl you’re surprisingly really good at doing ____”. — Sienna-hart

“Making the same joke about us over and over again. I can take a roasting/playful banter, most women can. But making the same comment again and again and piling on, it stops being funny and honestly starts to kill the vibe amongst guys and girls alike because it sounds like you’re just straight up insulting us. If you want to be funny, come up with more material.” — ThrowRARAw

“You look good for your age.” — cmb8129

That’s not very ladylike.” — 0hbryan

“Saying it must be that time of the month.” — Lawgics

Shouldn’t you be watching your figure? When we’re eating sweets. Fuck. Off.” — Passive_Southerner

“Honking or yelling out of your car window when I am walking, pumping gas, etc. Would be nice to do basic activities in peace.” — teenager-from-mars