17 Things That Secretly Bother Introverts

17 Things That Secretly Bother Introverts

Being an introvert is exhausting when others don’t understand your frame of mind. If you’re a fellow introvert, then you can probably relate to these things that most introverts cannot stand:

“People coming over unannounced. Especially if the house is a mess and I’m not prepared to deal with people. I need to mentally prepare.” — Dobbys_lucky_socks

“When I decline a few invitations, so people stop inviting me because they think I never want to do anything. Like I still want to do things, just not everything.” — SomeWomanYouDontKnow

“When you get asked why are you so quiet in a big group of people. Really puts you in an awkward spot.” — Playsan

“People. Touching. Me. Without. Warning. If you put your arm up for a high five, YES!!! If you tickle me or touch my shoulder or something without me knowing prior to the contact, NO!!!” — Pbwithj6

“Being misunderstood as rude or mean when I’m just overwhelmed or spacing out.” — miumiux

“The people who think they’re doing me a favor by interrupting my quiet time. They think I’m lonely or looking for a friend when I’m really just taking time to myself.” — EasyBeeesy

“Going to the store and having a salesman insist in talking and helping. Get off me!” — hqzr3

“People who think they’re doing you a favor by forcing you to interact or be in the spotlight. Just stop.” — booksrmylife

“When people ask if I’m okay, and then persist when I tell them I’m fine. I’m a very independent person so I enjoy hanging out by myself. So when I’m at work or hanging out with a friend I can be very quiet or even exhibit antisocial behavior. You’re allowed to ask me if I’m okay, but if I say I am I expect you to take me at my word. When you persist and keep asking then yes I’m going to be annoyed now because you’re insinuating that I’m a liar and you’re being invasive while doing it.” — fiftysage

“Forcing me to partner up with others. I’d much rather work alone.” — Economy-Site8987

“When I’m reading on a plane or public transit, and the person next to me won’t stop talking to me.” — Prior-Resist4486

“People who want to talk 1st thing in the morning.” — Patient5199

“Being asked to speak up more in meetings just to prove I’m a team player” — GlamSpam

“People saying ‘he finally came out of his shell.’ Yeah, because I was doing something that actually suited my preferences you nonce.” — Draklor

“People making small talk because they can’t stand silence. Just stfu.” — tygib

“Having to pause music and remove headphones when I wasn’t planning to.” — aurinxki

“When someone phones me ‘just to chat’. It’s so completely alien to me.” — VFKerouac

“When I walk away from the main gathering to get away from the noise, and someone comes over to me telling me I need to rejoin the main group. Fuck you, I’m over here because I’m sick of all the noise from the main group!” — GrumpyCatStevens

“People thinking they can walk all over you cause they assume you can’t speak up for yourself.” — xnekomi

“When I just want to be alone and someone takes it personally.” — ofsquire