16 Things That Secretly Suck About Being Beautiful

17 Things That Secretly Suck About Being Beautiful

Being pretty isn’t always easy. There are downsides to people thinking you’re the most gorgeous person in the room. Here are some things that suck about being perceived as beautiful by others:

“When people who are your friends take every chance they can to criticize your appearance or anything else, whatever little crumb of shade they can use to humble you.” — Soclothesminded

“People think you are flirting if you are being anything other than nasty to them. Then if you are nasty, you are a bitch/asshole. No in-between.” – SpikedBubbles

“Not knowing if you’re actually funny. Or well spoken. Or talented. Or charismatic.” — stink3rbelle

“If you’re really attractive and also quiet, people think you’re snobby.” — Appropriate_Day_8721

“Friendships falling apart when their partner is attracted to you.” — Illustrious-Fly9586

“If you become unattractive for any reason you may find it difficult to reconcile that you are no longer attractive. Examples: car wreck, injury, aging, disease. I’m sure there are more. But if you’re used to being attractive and you identify as such (consciously or subconsciously) it can be really hard to come to terms with a change in that.” — goldensnooch

“All the older men at bars think you’re into them…. but really you’re just being polite.” —1enthusiasticllama

“I think some people would get obsessed with you to the point they’ll harm other people (or themselves) to just get your attention.” — Independent_Mall_78

“It’s often assumed you’re just a pretty girl with zero problems.” — Whole_Swing_611

“I was told I’m not the type of a girl someone dates because they’ve been with too many other guys. When I was a virgin. Another guy tried to hook up with me kept calling me beautiful. I kept saying no, I’m only looking for a long term relationship. He said something like, ‘What a waste, you’re made for sex,’ saying it like a compliment??? His tone was flirty… idfk but I’ll never forget that. It’s hard to find someone to want more than to fuck me as some trophy girl.” — Dropoffs

“No one takes you seriously. If you get promoted at work or get put in charge of a project, others will think you got it just because of your looks.” — oliviacooke

“Men get very nervous around me, which in turn makes me nervous. My interactions with a lot of men in general is pretty negative.” — Whole_Swing_611

“Stalkers. Men and women touching you for no reason, including hair and face. People thinking you have nothing to offer but your looks. Being called a whore, slut etc.” — lonelyempath__

“You aren’t taken seriously.” — Whole_Swing_611

“People seem to think being attracted to a beautiful person entitles them to make ridiculous demands on that person’s time, attention, and body. It’s wrong to covet a human being in that way.” — SquilliamFancySon95

“Judgment from others. Jealousy from others. Stereotypes of being dumb, mean, etc. Not being able to trust other people’s intentions with you. Etc.” — razzledazzle626

“You get snide comments from other women.” — Whole_Swing_611