17 Things You Should Never Put In Your Dating App Bio (Unless You Want To Stay Single)
Letícia Pelissari

17 Things You Should Never Put In Your Dating App Bio (Unless You Want To Stay Single)

Don’t waste my time. Seriously. If you see this, it means they’re going to see you and any relationship as being merely transactional and they’re not going to give two fucks about any of your problems nor concerns with them. It’s also a sign they often just want to find a copy of themselves.” — domino2064

No drama. It means anything that inconveniences them will be perceived as drama, and that they are the actual drama queen.” — femmedelettres

Don’t play games. That tells me they have immense baggage. Also it tells me they’re dumb, since anybody who is going to ‘play games’ is not going to not do that just because their bio requested it. Similar to those that say they don’t like liars.” — Top-Royal6249

“If they say ‘be interesting’ it’s 100% guaranteed they will be the most boring human being you’ve ever met and you’ll have to carry the corpse of their dead conversation” — BCS24

“I pay my own bills. Like bruh that is literally the bare minimum expected from an adult.” — Owlcifer

“A list of requirements. I’m not applying for a job, I’m trying to see if we’d have a good relationship. Based on your bio, you’re not looking for a compatible person. You’re looking for someone who gives you what you need, and you don’t seem to realize that’s only half of a relationship.” — Delica

“Every time I saw ‘Just a Pam, looking for her Jim’ I cringe. Not just because it is cringe, but because she FOUND HIM AT WORK.” — WarpedRecall

“I’m not like other guys/girls. They’re usually right they’re not like the other guys …they’re worse!” — Ashamed_Future_1229

Whatever you want to know, ask… with a blank bio. If you have zero self awareness and no insight into yourself, that’s very unattractive.” — AncientDog_z

If you cant hold a conversation dont bother. You will be carrying the entirety of the conversation.” — Juggernaut246

“Anything that expresses their preference while putting down people they aren’t attracted to. ‘I prefer tall men.’ Great, cool. ‘Short men are losers so don’t hmu.’ Yeah no, that’s a dick move.” — HotAndSexyZebra

“When the profile is all about your dogs and there is one little picture of you in the background. I don’t mind dogs but that’s not what I’m dating.” — Ok-Specialist5670

“I dislike when people are clearly there to just promote themselves or their businesses… Fine, but not on a dating app.” — isayfckitwhenifeelit

“List of complaints. It’s ok to list a few things, for example I’m not religious and I don’t want children. I think it’s important to let people know that up front so they don’t risk getting invested in someone whose incompatible. But if your entire profile is just complaining and making demands you’re probably an unpleasant person.” — Throwawayfilmmaker55

“I always assumed ‘entrepreneur’ was code for either ‘unemployed’ or ‘I sell weed.’” — turkleton-turk

“I hate when people leave the bio blank. It just gives me no indication of what type of person they are and if we’ll click” — AndyJCohen

“I love to laugh and have fun. No shit.” — ChefHannibal