17 Truly Intimate Moments In Relationships (That Aren't Physical)

17 Truly Intimate Moments In Relationships (That Aren’t Physical)

Sex isn’t actually the most intimate thing you can do with your partner. Real intimacy is about getting to know each other emotionally. Here are some of the most intimate parts of relationships that aren’t physical:

“I’ve always thought that spending the night with someone (sleeping together) is very intimate. It doesn’t always feel intimate, but when you think about it, it takes a lot of trust to lose consciousness with someone. Also, there’s something special about that person being there last thing before you fall asleep and first thing in the morning.” – alloutallthetime

“Crying without judgment. I realized that I don’t cry in front of people. Except my wife. She cries, too. We cry over different things and are just there for each other without judgment or saying, ‘You shouldn’t cry over this.’ We understand that we’re different. I listen to her, offer her comfort, and actively participate in the conversation with both of our views in mind. And she does the same for me.” — DrOculus90

“Spooning. (Hugging from behind in bed). Very intimate and close.” — Scallywagstv2

“Honesty. It’s not like we actively go around lying all day, but until you’re in a relationship where you have truly honest conversations about even the most mundane things you realize how much ‘tactfulness’ goes into everyday interactions. In my opinion it’s extremely intimate to share your true unfiltered thoughts.” — jazzz92

“My wife likes searching my back for blackheads and squeezing them. I wouldn’t let another human do that to me.” — sebrebc

“Taking care of your significant other when they can no longer care for themselves.” — Smasherjp

“Emotionally? Just venting to each other or talking seriously about your future together. Physically? To be honest, just a long hug is quite powerful.” — [deleted]

“When it’s 3am and I can’t sleep, but he somehow notices in his sleep and pulls me in his arms.” — M_is_it_you

“For me, one is when you’re with a group of people and you’re doing your thing and she’s doing hers and momentarily your eyes lock across the room and it makes you feel warm inside.” — RemysBoyToy

“Getting each other’s sense of humor. And when you both start talking like each other because you pick up on each other’s slang and way of speaking.” — Thebigdumbidiot

“Washing their hair.” — Nodbarb98

“Recognizing you’re upset when nobody else in the room can see it.” — Dementedhuman

“We wake up holding hands. Neither of us realize it but in our sleep we seem to end up like that.” — [deleted]

“Talking about each other’s fears. I mean yeah like arachnophobia and fear of heights and stuff, but also existential stuff. Things that fucking terrify you as human beings. Losses and death and illness and feeling like you’re lost. That stuff.” — Jacceez

“Eye contact. Staring into those big, wide marbles. Trying for a moment to see what they see.” — Commu_rdr

“Head scratches/playing with hair, I love it so much I could fall asleep while someone does it to me (and it’s just super sweet).” — GrandmasDMT

“Allowing your partner to see you completely fall apart and hit rock bottom.” — nottotallysouless