17 Ways To Lose Trust
Dmitry Ganin

17 Ways To Lose Their Trust Forever

It’s hard to build trust but easy to break it. Here are some ways you can lose someone’s trust in an instant, according to Ask Reddit:

“If they seem to always mysteriously disappear in times I need them the most. But is readily available if it’s a social situation.” — [deleted]

“If they cheat. If you’re willing to betray the trust of the person you’re supposed to be closest to, what the hell makes you think I’m willing to put any time into you or us?” — canissilvestris

“If I caught them lying too much or going out of their way to lie when they don’t really have to.” — DistopianJelly

“If they do things for you with the hopes of getting something in return, not because they’re your friend.” — Littlerachelbee

“If they start lying about things they don’t have to lie about. What’s the point of lying for the sake of lying? If you can lie about lots of small things, what bigger things can you possibly lie about?” — mini_nugget

“Learning a couple months into a relationship that they’re hiding something major from me, like that they’ve been previously married, or that they still regularly talk to an ex (even “casually”). If it’s obvious that they’re doing it because they’re embarrassed, and not to keep me in the dark, then it’s understandable (like some dark family past that they don’t want to be associated with).” — Dickcheese_McDoogles

“If they make a plan to do something/hangout and decide not to show up without telling you. Afterwards treating it like it wasn’t a big deal.” — ThisIsCaptain

“If somebody makes it a point to stress how every relationship of theirs ended because it was all the other person’s fault. Someone who’s comfortable always putting the blame on other people generally shouldn’t be trusted.” — NightShiftNinja

“If they bragged about betraying or deceiving someone who is also close to them.” — [deleted]

“If I learned they talked poorly about me to other people when I’m not there.” —AverageCollegeMale

“If they openly speak ill of their significant other. That’s the partner you’ve chosen. Either act like a partner or move on. Telling a close friend or two about problems or just complaining in your inner circle is WAY different than the guy who openly has nasty things to say about his wife.” — CustomDark

“If I let them borrow something and they don’t give it back.” — [deleted]

“Someone who is cool with you one on one, but when it comes to a social outing, they go out of their way to one up you and show off every chance they get.” — [deleted]

“If they say they can’t afford to pay you the money they owe you, but they are constantly spending money on other unnecessary things (fancy new gadgets/toys, expensive food, betting money on football games, etc). There’s a big difference between not having the money and just not wanting to pay somebody.” — Anxiouspear

“If they have nothing but praise for themself. That screams narcissistic and ‘only in it for themselves.’” — [deleted]

“If they start telling me someone else’s secrets. You just know they’d go around blabbing anything you tell them in confidence.” — kingtz

“Lying in general, but specifically in ways that hurt other people. Whether that be spreading rumors, talking shit, or making false accusations, I will not be around those people. Why be around people you can’t trust?” — TheWittyBaker