17 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Forever Person (Without Leaving The House)

17 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Forever Person (Without Leaving The House)

You don’t have to leave the house to spend quality time together. If you’re planning on staying inside, here are a few things that you can do together:

“Bob Ross painting party. Buy two canvases and follow Bob’s tutorials.” — UseUrHands

“Hide and seek. Hiding as an adult is simultaneously easier and more difficult because you’re way more creative about where you hide, but are also like twice as tall as you were the last time you probably played.” — eclecticsed

“Cooking competitions. Most recently we did wontons. Who came up with the best filling. You can do soup, cakes, anything! And you learn, grow, and get to eat the results. Yum!” — babystacks

“Look at old photos. Ones from back when you first met can be fun, but even better are embarrassing baby photos and the like.” — ligamentary

“Workout. Home workout routines are fun to do together and you can challenge and make fun of each other.” — [deleted]

“Puzzles. When you don’t feel like moving too much, try working on some puzzles.” — [deleted]

“We bought a LEGO. Surprisingly really fun and a great bonding activity. We got the LEGO Technic Mack Anthem Truck and the Kessel Run Millenium Falcon.” — susiepatoosie

“Powerwashing! Sounds crazy, but it is fun.” — 13159daysold

“Video games. Especially multiplayer games that you can play on the couch, on one screen. Like fighting games, racing, etc. Or something silly like the games where you have to dance.” — [deleted]

“Read. I like to read out loud and don’t get the chance to do it often enough, so while my boyfriend plays games on his computer to wind down in the evening, I read out loud to him. It works for him when he can focus on the game and the story (like listening to an audiobook or podcast in the background) but maybe not the best if multitasking isn’t your style.” — Deliriums_BabelFish

“Pop in a movie you’ve both seen before and enjoy your own running commentary as it plays. Crack jokes, make comments, and enjoy the movie all at once.” — Deliriums_BabelFish

“I will go on Ask Reddit, see one of the top questions that look interesting, then ask her that question. It almost always gets good conversation going.” — theonlybluecow

“How about working on a project together? Build something, paint a room, plant some flowers in pots, teach yourselves to crochet or knit, then spend the time together talking while your hands are busy. AKA do stuff that doesn’t involve a screen, especially if you are feeling like you and your partner are drifting apart.” — RatletWrangler

“Dancing because if they really are your SO they shouldn’t judge and you can just dance however the hell you want without being judged, just put on a music channel and away you go.” — [deleted]

“Learn a new recipe together. Just got a new pasta maker and we’re going to learn to make pasta, lasagna plates, and noodles from scratch. A little music in the background and voila. You learn a new skill together, which you also get to eat.” — Utlegjarl

”General cleaning of the house. This seems odd, but cleaning the house with your SO with music in the background can be oddly fun. Once you’re done, seeing how clean and organized the house, and you’ll feel that sense of camaraderie with your SO for tackling such a big ‘tedious’ job together.” — [deleted]

“My husband and I like to dress up in pretty dresses and heels and do our makeup. Then we pretend different scenarios such as being extremely wealthy or old Hollywood movie stars.” — [deleted]