17 wholesome traits that are attractive
Letícia Pelissari

17 Wholesome Traits That Are Highly Attractive

“People that make themselves crack up. People with their particular and weird little sense of humor that unashamedly laugh at what they think is so funny. Extra points if they’re laughing because of a joke they’re telling themselves. It’s my favorite thing to see someone do. As long as the joke doesn’t seriously hurt other people. I love good dark humor. If someone’s genuinely trying to be hateful, it loses appeal completely.” — tresjoliesuzanne

“Watching anyone be good with kids, really listening and engaging with them makes me think nothing but about how nice they are, and I bet they’d look great being not nice to me in the bedroom “ — xopinkblossom

“When someone shows genuine care. Like they actually want to know how you are doing. Not only that but they will help you without notice or being asked. Most attractive to me are when they make me feel safe, protected, and secure enough that I can trust them with my body, mind, and emotions.” — Absinthe_gaze

“The confidence to give somebody a hug and take your time there, so that they can feel warm and safe in your arms.” — Away-Mood-4786

“People who nerd out really hard – emotionally and physically attractive for me. I could honestly sit and listen to someone talk about something they love for hours and just feed them lines and try to learn something.” — d_illypickle

“When someone remembers a really random small detail I’ve only mentioned once.” — Starriyer

“When girls do their a happy dance when they’re enjoying their food. It never fails to make me smile. It’s more of a testament to genuine excitement of the little things, and I find that really attractive.” — unfrostedflakes_

“When someone helps old people. Maybe getting up to give their seat to them in a public bus or in general, helping them carry their heavy bags, or something.” — itsMat_hi_ka

“When a person knows the right time to simply listen to someone in distress and the right time to offer advice.” — Old_Army90

“For me, it’s casual kindness. Like, just doing the considerate thing for people as a matter of habit/simply because it’s the right thing to do.” — IndigoRose2022

“Empathy. I would follow someone into battle at the Fields of Pelennor or at the Black Gate of Mordor, if I got the sense that they understood and care about the burdens I face.” — StayingUp4AFeeling

“Whenever someone is singing or humming a song to themselves and they seem like they’re just lost in their own world, it usually makes my heart skip a beat. My ex used to do this a lot and it was one of the cutest things they’d do” — Thnd3rstrk3

“Being cooked for. Nothing better than your significant other making sure you’re fed.” — JarJarminksu

“I love when people speak well of others when they aren’t around. That speaks volumes!” — Curious-Chance-5505

“When people are so confident in themselves that they have no problems celebrating other’s successes or when they can truly be gentle and empathetic towards someone or certain situations” — Smithy_Smilie1120

“When someone shares their food. I’ve seen a lot of people that I know do this and I find that really cute. Like they have a plate of fries and they just extend it out to each one in the group saying, ‘Want some?’ So adorable. Bonus points when she asks that with her mouth full. It’s usually a pet peeve if someone talks with their mouth full. But it’s an exception if they’re doing it while offering others their food.” — zool714

“The way my husband interacts with our dogs when no one is listening/watching. I’ll walk in a room and find him down on the floor rubbing her belly, holding her head or talking to her about how good a girl she is. It’s just so gentle and endearing.” — rebeccakc47