18 Bad life choices that can ruin your life

18 Bad Life Choices (That You’re Probably Making Right Now)

“Failing to cultivate compassion for yourself and others. It’s a skill that takes deliberate practice. Never give yourself a hard time over something you wouldn’t give someone else you care about a hard time over. You don’t need to be an arsehole to yourself to achieve your goals. You really don’t.” — eve_of_distraction

“Constant indecision. In the army they drill into you that indecision means death. A bad call is better than no call. It’s a good life lesson.” — FailedTheSave

“Thinking taking the next step will fix a bad relationship. Rocky relationship? Let’s move in together! Rocky relationship? Let’s buy a house together! Rocky relationship? Let’s have a baby! “ — Thisoneissfwihope

“Failing to invest in yourself. Whether it be learning new skills, exercise, therapy, or simply experiencing new things.” — pylesofwood

“Neglecting Relationships: Failing to invest time and effort in maintaining relationships with family, friends, or partners, which can lead to loneliness and a lack of support.” — Fred150-

“Staying in a bad situation because you are afraid of changing it.” — tinyevilsponges

“Getting sucked into someone else’s constant drama and ignoring the needs of you and your family/friends.” — keeshaleig

“Getting into and staying in relationships that are bad for you. Also rebounding too quickly after a breakup or divorce. Why do so many people do this? It may sound negative but I’m pretty sure the odds are high that rebound relationships and marriages aren’t going to last long.” — DestinyInDanger

“Having kids before you do some research, have the funds, and make a realistic, solid plan. Practicing with those babies from high school sounds silly but if more people did it and tried to keep the thing fed and happy while living adult lives and not the ones they had in high school this may change a lot of misconceived ideas about how child rearing actually goes.” — JupiterSkyFalls

“Going to university only because you think you have to. For some people it is a good decision but it is not for everyone and there are other options.” — A_named_person2

“Staying together for the kids. The kids would ALWAYS be better off with the parents divorced if they hate each other.” — protonmagnate

“Allowing peer pressure to guide you, when everything in your being is telling you otherwise.” — Vinny_DelVecchio

“Living in their comfort zone. If you aren’t doing things that scare you, you’re not growing.” — zenOFiniquity8

“Cheating on your partner when you’re married with kids. Destroys the family and creates long term issues for the kids and parter, only for short term happiness and lust. When you could have just been honest about not being happy.” — plshearmeowt

“Procrastinating the things you know you can and should do even though sometimes it feels like you don’t want to move.” — Outrageous-Put-8737

“Not expressing what’s wrong. Resentments ruin relationships. Most of them begin with a little thing that was never discussed.” — Spiritual_Lunch996

“Staying with someone when the relationship has run its course, even though you know you should leave. Also, trying to get back them just weeks after a breakup – worst idea ever. People don’t change that fast.” — Over_Peak2250

“Doing anything because its expected- getting married and having children are two choices that are not for everyone.” — laurajosan