18 Fashion Choices Men Should Stop Making, According To Women

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18 Fashion Choices Men Should Stop Making, According To Women

“Ill-fitting jackets. A big jacket isn’t going to make your muscles look bigger, it’s going to make you look like a little boy who borrowed his father’s jacket.” — stephers85

“When I met my partner he would wear underwear with massive holes and tears. (A few are fine, but when it looks like you were mauled by a badger? No.)” — Zestyclose_Tackle_65

“Wrong beard style for their face shape. Everyone who wants to look good should find the correct haircut for their face shape. Men who want to look good should also find the correct beard cut for their face shape.” — sssUltraMarinesss

“Any shirt, hoodie, etc with a massive cannabis leaf design. We get it, you smoke pot. Who the fuck cares? Boooooring.” — electronopants

“Some friends of my brother were honest enough to tell him that wearing high socks rarely look good on low shoes. I was also surprised anyone cared to be honest, but since I was informed, I definitely agree.” — Biemolt

“Wear whatever you want, just make sure it’s clean. That includes outerwear and hats!!! Anything made of fabric that touches your body will absorb your sweat and needs to be washed regularly to keep it from smelling. I fortunately/unfortunately have a bionic nose and can smell a musty baseball cap or coat lining from a mile away. It’s like used gym socks.” — PeligrosaPistola

“Supposedly funny quote t-shirts. As in ‘federal booby inspector,’ ‘I am not as think as you drunk I am.’ — -shpadoinkle-

“Too much jewelry (that goes for women too). Some guy I saw recently on the street was wearing two big, gold watches, bracelets, chunky rings, several gold chains…. All paired with a ridiculous shirt with too many buttons left unbuttoned. Dude, you don’t look hot or wealthy. You look sleazy.” — Nik-ki

“Too much camouflage. Hats, shirts, pants, jackets…. what’s the point of dressing that way? I can’t even see you.” — PhreedomPhighter

“Jeans with back pockets that have decorative designs in contrasting thread. I see them at county fairs usually. The women’s version is bedazzled also. Are you rural or urban? Pick a lane.” — HikeThePines

“Sunglasses on the back of your neck. Wtf???” — CeeGree

“It’s just a personal preference but I hate when someone’s whole outfit doesn’t match the random bright red or neon colored shoes they have on.” — kirayaba

“Wearing sandals, without taking care of their feet, gross!” — edemamandllama

“Not taking care of their nails. Don’t try to touch me with those dirty claws.” — lostferretdriving

“Clothes that don’t fit; looking like a toddler dressed them in the dark.” — postate456

“Saggy pants can’t STAND it. No one wants to see your butt.” — Ok_Garden571

“Not dressing up appropriately for restaurants or events. Going out to a nice restaurant and you’re wearing a hoodie because you don’t see the point in dressing up. Going to a wedding in a suit but you wear tennis shoes because you don’t want to wear dress shoes.” — jemandtheholograms

“Fashion starts with good grooming habits. If a dude has long or dirty nails, a crusty beard, greasy hair, BO, etc., then it doesn’t matter what they’re wearing. Get away from me and go take a shower.” — hdiasojfndk