18 Signs Someone Is Crushing Hard On You

18 Signs Someone Is Crushing Hard On You

Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out whether your crush feels the same way. But there are subtle signs that you can look out for that give their emotions away. Here are some signs someone has a crush on you:

“Comparing hand sizes. It’s the cutest shit. Unless you have massive hands and everyone does it to you.” – VishalVM

“They make an effort to be around you when it’s usually not naturally occurring. They share things they find funny, exciting, and personal that they don’t share with others.” — Selfless_nobody2

“Touching. If they are touching you more than the average person touches you, and/or more than they are touching everybody else.” — gimme_the_light

“When you’re sitting next to someone and your legs touch and they don’t move their leg away.” — Chilly_28

“If they laugh at everything you say, there’s a good chance they’re crushing on you.” — mourningdoo

“Typically only others can see it, but when they look at you every chance they get when you aren’t looking.” — [deleted]

“After hearing a funny joke and laughing, people tend to look toward the ones they admire/feel close to, to gauge their reaction. It’s not exclusive to crushes but it’s very telling.” — [deleted]

“They’re happier to see you specifically, even though they can barely hold a conversation with you.” — Sageofdeath

“Drunk calling/texting, next day call/text to apologize for the night before because they were drunk…” — CDD1977red

“When you ask them on a date on a day they’re unavailable but they suggest the next day they are available.” — logan825

“Sometimes when someone has a crush on you, they’ll make you a playlist to give you a clue.” — MusicalLyricsOnly

“Look at people’s feet. People may point them subconsciously at what they desire. Check if they have them pointed at a specific person constantly while in a crowd, or even towards the door. Whatever they point towards might be a clue about what they want.” — PeerlessFace

“If the person’s pupils are very dilated when you look at them in the eyes and they’re sober. People’s eyes will become dilated when they get that ‘rush’ from looking at a crush so if you notice their eyes flashing ‘larger’ after eye contact is made, they may be interested. This is really easy to see on someone with light blue eyes, but even dark brown ones will seem ‘large’ when dilated.” — PeerlessFace

“When they come up with random shit to see you. Even if it’s for a minute.” — goodvibes_onethree

“Inviting you to groups, trying to sit next to you, copying your behavior.” — [deleted]

“When you make random eye contact from across the room and they look away as if it was a crime to stare, only to look at you again later.” — GardenLeaves

“Comments on every Facebook status, likes every post on Instagram.” — Xirokami

“When someone gives you shit e.g. gum, chips from a bag and no one else.” — Mikemanthousand

“Lots of eye contact (or in some cases barely any) and smiling and red face is usually the first sign. Suggesting things in common in conversation and light touching (ex: talking and looks at your arm and lightly lifting your shirt sleeve. ‘Oh is that a tattoo? I have one in the same place!’) Most of the time you can just tell, people have a certain look in their eye talking to their crush (compare the face they make talking to someone else vs. talking to you if unsure).” — NadsieG