18 Signs You’re In A Mature Relationship (That Has Serious Potential)

18 Signs You’re In A Mature Relationship (That Has Serious Potential)

You deserve a partner who treats you with love and respect. You don’t want to deal with someone immature who causes drama for no reason and makes you feel insecure about yourself. Here are some signs that you’re in a mature, respectful relationship that has real potential:

“No games. No setting traps, or setting secret tests, or anything like that. If you have an insecurity or issue, you bring it up and trust that it can be talked about and hopefully resolved.” — THE_LOUDEST_PENIS

“Being secure in each other. If your SO goes out with his/her friends, you’re not sitting at home steaming in your jealousy and insecurities. Hell, maybe you’re out with your friends.” — pumpkinrum

“I think it’s when you understand that you can disagree on things, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to break up. It feels mature when you and your partner both know that you want to be together and are not going to break up over every little fight, so you figure out how to work on things so that your future is better.” — dimmonkey

“You don’t need validation from outside sources about your relationship (e.g., posting about it on Facebook to make sure everyone knows you’re in a relationship).” — [deleted]

“Understanding that the other person has their own goals and desires that are equally important as your own.” — Dr-Haus

“A lot of people say that relationships are give and take. My dad taught me when I was in my early thirties that relationships are actually give and give. No one should be taking.” — teejay769

“Not needing to spend every minute together to feel okay.” — suxmydix

“When disagreeing, working together to find a common solution instead of bickering over who was really wrong.” — [deleted]

“Honesty, communication, and sticking to boundaries that have been established.” — TheAppalaciaRose

“Understanding one another is what makes a relationship ‘mature’, in my opinion. If you understand one another, you’ll understand your needs and wants for yourself and your partner.” — [deleted]

“Open, level-headed conversations to discuss discrepancies.” — GlockTheDoor

“When you can trust that you are mutually loved, and leave each other alone sometimes. It sounds simple but requires a lot of nurturing and openness.” — [deleted]

“Being good friends as well as attracted to each other. Having and working on goals with each other. Wanting the happiness of the other person. Trust and respect for yourself and well as the other person.” — Justwonderingwhyitis

“Admitting you were wrong, admitting you made a mistake to the other person. Humility and communication do wonders to a relationship.” — swan_ronson_

“Comfortably enjoying dead silence, knowing that you don’t have to make conversation constantly to feel like things are alright. It’s the best.” — Montchalpere

“You’re not threatening to break up every time the other one has a difference of opinion in how things should go. You’re also not rolling over for everything the other one wants.” — Tall_Mickey

“When they allow you to grow on your own.” — frncsca

“You trust that your SO is just as committed to you as you are to them.” — Kdcarrero553