18 Wholesome Shows To Get You Through Tough Times

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18 Wholesome Shows To Get You Through Tough Times

Taskmaster. No plot to follow, just British comedians doing stupid stuff like seeing who can throw an egg the highest without breaking it.” — crucifix_peen

What We Do in the Shadows. Your ordinary human bartender never fails to deliver a good mood.” — JudeaNepeFront

Supernatural. You don’t have to take it seriously. You don’t have to think or remember what happened in previous episodes. You just sit, watch and enjoy.” — CaptainBalkania

Modern Family for me. Watched each episode at least 5 times but it still feels like a warm hug every time I watch again.” — Calm-Ad6493

The Great British Bake Off. This show got me to give baking a try, and I love it so far. ‘If you can read, you can bake.’ –Pru.” — laserox

The Good Place. It made me start reading and watching videos about philosophy.” — Spirited-Armadillo66

Chuck. Perfect combo of nerd-comedy and procedural spy show.” — PresWhale-iamHTaft

Malcolm In The Middle. My absolute favorite comfort show! I’ve watched it through like 7-8 times already.” — Suznikmc

Friends. Familiar enough that I don’t feel the need to pay really close attention, funny enough to draw me in and make me laugh, and so many episodes.” — fromdecatur

“Definitely Regular Show. Hella funny, short episodes and you don’t need to have much context to watch an episode.” — IamPretty_Gay

Arrested Development. There are sooo many ridiculous layers, so I always catch a little joke I missed before.” — standard_girl

Parks and Rec. I love all of those characters so much and love how it ends with all of them succeeding.” — DrunkMc

Brooklyn 99. This is my go to when I’m between shows but need to relax for 20 minutes. My wife and I also watch all the Christmas episodes around the holidays.” — ThreeHolePunch

Columbo. I began watching Columbo right before the pandemic and it was my comfort show on a cold, dark January night after a long day of work and classes. During the pandemic, it was one of the few things I looked forward to.” — -kati

Bob’s Burgers was a way me and my wife connected during an extremely difficult financial time early in our marriage. Over the years it’s remained one of our favorite date night activities to watch the new episodes together. We cherish that show.” — alphaglasses

Law and Order SVU. The first few seasons remind me of being a little kid, sick, home from school drifting in and out of consciousness on the couch. The newer seasons stand up but don’t have the same fuzzy 90s/2000s TV appeal.” — hthratmn

New Girl. I believe ‘Background Check’ to be one of the best episodes of any single TV show. You do kinda need to know the characters and build up for it though so sadly can’t dump someone straight in and tell them to watch it.” — OldSchoolIsh

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Quite simply the greatest TV show ever made and the beginning of modern season long arc story telling. Plus, you know… Spike.” — Local-Pirate1152