19 Beautiful Movies That You’ll Want To Watch More Than Once

19 Beautiful Movies You’ll Want To Watch More Than Once

Some movies are so beautiful that they deserve to be watched more than once. Here are some of them that you might not have seen yet:

“Everything Everywhere All at Once. Probably some recency bias there, but that movie blew every film I’ve seen this year out of the water.” — Teddjku

“Amelie. It’s such a good movie. The best way I can describe it is… simple. It’s about a woman who takes pleasure in simple things. It’s about putting your hand in a barrel of rice. It’s about standing up for a man who can’t stand up for himself. It’s about finding a man from a photo booth. It’s about a lawn gnome.” — PanicOnFunkotron

“The Fall. This movie doesn’t get enough love. For as popular as Lee Pace is, you’d think it would be a cult classic, but it’s barely known. The visuals are stunning and the story is heartbreaking.” — elisses_pieces

“What Dreams May Come starring Robin Williams and Annabella Sciorra. Poignant, stirring, imaginative, and was regarded as a CGI master class back in 1998. Visually stunning film with a gripping emotional narrative. I don’t cry during movies. This one made me cry several times with every single one of my many dozens of viewings.” — Smilechurch

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. This movie made me see cinema as art instead of just entertainment. Top five favorite movies of my life.” — last_alchemyst

Spirited Away. When that movie came out, it was at a time when it was a big deal for me to go outside to do anything. I went to the cinema to see that movie a second time in the same week because it was so beautiful and touching. Such a wonderful experience.” — Semi-Pro-Lurker

A River Runs Through It. One of my all time favorites. Just a wonderful film start to finish and the soundtrack is top notch.” — alexander_wolf88

“Into The Spiderverse. This is mine. Me and my kids watched it not knowing anything about it beforehand and it was mind blowing for all of us. We even made my wife watch it because we wanted to see it again. She was amazed. Crazy cool movie.” — JasonGD1982

Big Fish. A little slow at first but very magical. The soundtrack is awesome too.” — Spiritual_Age_4992

Dune is the first one to come to mind. Sitting there in the theater, my mouth hung open. The visuals were perfect, the music paired beautifully with it all. It was a fucking experience.” — talkingtothemoon___

Kubo and the Two Strings. Such incredibly smooth stop motion but I was impressed by the visuals even when I thought it was digital animation. Plus the story is so touching.” — anarchomoth

“Bladerunner. It just looks and sounds stunning. It takes me away to a different place.” — AlterEdward

“Arrival is my all time favorite movie, but I’ve only seen it a couple times. I don’t want to become desensitized to it like what eventually happens when you watch a movie a lot, so I only watch it once or twice a year. Still makes me cry at the end.” — DJDarwin93

“Moulin Rouge. I think it’s the best take Baz’s style. The elaborate sets and romantic Fantastical visuals (like in the Your Song sequence) also really work with it being a musical. Also the costume work is flawless. Also you know, Ewan and Nicole are so beautiful so I’d watch it for them.” — hannibalthellamabal

Princess Mononoke. It’s visually stunning, with a beautiful and moving story about the evils of deforestation. Really hits hard these days.” — thecryptidk

“About Time. That’s my favorite movie. I love the duality of it all and the impact of it. And then with Bill Nighy and the fact he is aware of what’s to come just makes everything so poignant. That film is amazing.” — Kinkaypandaz

Interstellar. Never been so blown away by a movie as I was by Interstellar the first time I saw it. The whole time dilation thing especially.” — daric

Mad Max Fury Road. The minimal use of CGI is incredible. Amazing movie.” — MMonnie13

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I watched it in the theaters and was completely floored. I revisit it every couple of years and am always riveted all over again.” — gradeahonky