19 Men Reveal The Most Unattractive Thing A Woman Can Do On The First Date

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19 Men Reveal The Most Unattractive Thing A Woman Can Do On The First Date

First impressions are important. That’s why you need to be careful when you’re going out with someone for the first time. Here are a few behaviors that most men consider completely unattractive on a first or second date:

“Purposely get the most expensive thing on the menu. Or just making the date unnecessarily expensive. If this is how the first date goes, just imagine how expensive life is going to be.” — Monster_Kody_

“Be obsessed with her phone. One of the biggest turn offs I have ever experienced and walked out of dates because of it.” — iwillmakeyouawebsite

“Stone-cold silence: if you don’t like a guy right off, tell him you’re not interested. Don’t make him shlep you around the date while you’re angry and sullen.” — Keithninety

“I’m always going to 100% pay for the first date if it’s movies, dinner or whatever. But it really bothers when the girl just comes out and says, ‘You’re going to pay for ___, right?’ Or ‘I think a guy should always pay’, or something like this.” — mothtoaflame13

“Not ask questions about me or taking an interest in me. If I don’t feel like you’re interested in getting to know me then I don’t really want to get to know you.” — Spirited-Ad-8061

“When they don’t respect you. It’s ok to be not want a second date, but don’t become so disinterested that you ruin the date. If you don’t want to continue, then be polite and respectfully ask to leave. It’s ok!” — AtheonsDestinyVOG

“When she makes anything and everything about her as she fights to control the conversational flow.” — Mr_Mori

“Act hard to get. It’s not big or clever. It just makes us think why bother when you clearly want to be anywhere else.” — CranberryWizard

“Be rude to anyone in a position of service (waiter, ticket booth person, etc). So cowardly and disgusting to be shitty to someone who is often not going to stand up for themselves because they’re at work.” — bukkakeruinedmydog

“Tell you everything she hates about you, all the reasons you are lucky to take her out even though she’s too good for you, and imply if you’re on your best behavior maybe she’ll let you suffer her nitpicking and criticism again another night. Negging isn’t cute when women do it either.” — theKetoBear

“Be late without saying anything. I left after 30 minutes and I get an angry text 15 minutes later saying she’s arrived and can’t find me.” — DeuceActual

“Talk about her ex too much. Especially if that includes talking about how she still lives with him.” — AndOfCourseSquirrels

“Do things out of spite (push boundaries, lie on purpose. Yadda yadda yadda).” — krookedkaptain420

“By god please talk about something besides how much you hate work. Please.” — meganemistake

“Ask about my salary.” — hookdelivery

“Spend the night gossiping about her friends.” — cerialthriller

“Just talking about herself and acting like she’s above you or the date.” — BlueBlooper

“If they tell me how much guys want them. I had a girl tell me one time, ‘Every guy falls in love with me’. Big turn off.” — FeatureBlack

“If we go somewhere, I pick up the bill, and she doesn’t say thank you.” — TheDisguized