19 Mini Things That Can Tell You Everything You Need To Know About A Person
Vlada Karpovich

19 Mini Things That Can Tell You Everything You Need To Know About A Person

Little things can tell you way more about a person than you might realize, so make sure you pay attention to detail. Here are some small things that can tell you everything you need to know about a person:

“How prone are they to take over your turn in conversation. Do they interrupt you? If they do, do they notice it and apologize, or do they not even acknowledge that you were talking? How often do they build on what you told them instead of just adding another subject?” — ceciliameireles

“How they react to being in the wrong. More specifically if they’re willing to admit they’re wrong of if they try to somehow always make themselves the victim in a situation. Very good way to test how narcissistic/manipulative a person is.” — didnthinkthisfar

“Their replies. When you say something, do they ignore you? Do they try to out-do you? Say whatever you’re happy about is not a big deal? Or do they seem interested? Ask you more questions about what you said? Look at you while you speak?” — NecessaryTravel2701

“How that person talks about others when they are not around.” — InevitablePhoenix

“How they react when told no. If they react poorly when someone tells them no or when others set boundaries with them: 🚩🚩🚩” — etienne_saintsaens

“Their opinion on other people’s opinions. Like if they’re considerate or not.” — Your_Couzen

“How long they can hold a conversation about something other than themselves.” — weareallcrazyright

“Basic interactions with workers at a restaurant, grocery store, etc.” — Cheetodude625

“If animals like them and if they like animals.” — GayLavenderHazard

“How they treat the elderly. Pretty basic but it’s usually a good sign.” — spicylamchop92

“Consideration. Someone being considerate of others is very telling of their character.” — loverandfriends_

“Music taste, it’s one of the first things I ask meeting new people.” — Infamous-Good8955

“How they listen. Whether they’re very attentive, or jumping and interrupting, or don’t care at all.” — DirkWiggler42

“Do they mind their own business or wanna fuck with other people’s business?” — The_Farzan

“How well they drive. Paying attention to the road, using turn signals properly (if you don’t use them at all, you’re dead to me), etc.” — mrklez

“How they react to not being the center of attention or not being the best.” — Ahstia

“How they react to people who disagree with them. If they take it personal, they are not pleasant to be around. It’s their way or the highway.” — Rxton

“Body language. I read and researched a lot of body language because I wanted to know what people thought about me without asking. It has saved me a lot of time when I go on dates.” — MainDisplay103960

“Whether or not they push their shopping carriage to the little storage area or if they just shove it off into the abyss.” — Plantayne