Best Netflix Series To Watch During Spring Break
Nina Hill

19 Netflix Series To Watch During Spring Break

Dark. As a fan of LOST this show is the first show to scratch the itch in the same way. There have been other shows since like Yellowjackets but Dark holds a special place in my heart for having such a great ending.” — KanedaTetsuo

Physical 100. A Korean competition show of physical strengths with participants who have participated in the Olympics, nationals etc. Makes you want to work-out.” — Redamavi

“Korean drama, The Glory. It’s an intense, graphic revenge story and it’s so incredibly satisfying. However, they do show the torture of the protagonist in unfortunate detail, so be careful of triggers. The slow, calculated ways people are brought down… Damn they almost do it to themselves.” — deliriousgoomba

That 90s Show. I thought it was going to be garbage but I actually think it’s pretty good.” — BSGamer

The Sandman. I was so nervous for a while there wondering if it’d get renewed or not. I’m glad they finally did. I would’ve been so pissed if it was a one-and-done show.” — Zolo49

Derry Girls. I’m shocked how often I cried during this show. It was fantastic.” — Regul4t0rs

Outer Banks. The one show my college-age son and I watch together! It’s so fun, yet the characters always make such bad decisions. How are they still alive?!” — katfromjersey

The Queen’s Gambit. If you are on the fence about this show because it’s about chess – the show isn’t really about chess at all.” — Thneed1

The Last Kingdom. I love this show! It doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Can’t wait for the movie, but also I will be sad that it’s over.” — Infinite-Topic-3610

Mindhunter. It’s based on the book Mindhunter by John Douglas but the TV show is pretty embellished. I like more true crime stuff and I preferred the book but the TV show is very well made. It’s not like true crime stuff.” — gabrylapiana

Peaky Blinders. Started this last week for the first time. So good!” — NukeDog

Arcane. I really hope they explore the vastness of League of Legends lore. There are so many stories to be told and, if they keep the quality of the animation and writing up, Arcane could be an incredible series for a long long time.” — badlilbadlandabad

The Umbrella Academy. Was hooked from the second I started watching it and I’m overly obsessed with it still a year later.” — CapableSalamander910

Community. Currently rewatching it for the 4th time.” — RaRa103615

Money Heist. It’s what Oceans 11 should have been. Plus you get five seasons and two heists.” — gfalken

Wentworth will likely always be my favorite show on Netflix. Can’t recommend it enough.” — skysent

Midnight Mass. Still get broken up over the ending, no matter how many times I watch it.” — girlonthetrain6

Trailer Park Boys. I’m on like the tenth time watching it. Plus all the movies.” — de99102

Cobra Kai. You want shamelessly fan-service-y 80’s nostalgia dialed up to 11 while still having a decent plot and being funny as fuck? Watch Cobra Kai.” — thundermonkeyms